Monday, August 18, 2008

INTEC Again ... & Sunway Pyramid


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I went to INTEC again today but not only with Wawa & Apal, but with the rest of our gang which included Badd, Azery, Mary, Senah, Pah dan Elia. I arrived at INTEC at noon. I was supposed to be at INTEC at about 10 am because I already promised Pn. Lin to be there on that time. However, because of some transport problem, we arrived quite late. At INTEC, Kerryn and Jiji joined us to meet Pn. Rita to take their result slips. Then, 7M8 members went to see Miss Asiah, their lectuerer while Azery and I stayed in the praying room. Later, we met Pn. Lin in her office and ate her cake. She bought us a whole cake because I told her that we would come to INTEC on Monday which was today. The cake was so delicious until we all finished it up. Pn. Lin also served us some crackers.

After that, at about 3.30 pm, we planned to go to Sunway Pyramid to finished up our remaining day. This might be the last time we hang out together because we won't see each other for a long time. We all will fly to different locations to further our study except Azery and I who will stay in Malaysia for another 2 1/2 years at IMU Bukit Jalil.

Sunway Pyramid

We arrived here at 4.45 something and went to find a place to eat. We hadn't had our lunch yet except Pn. Lin's cake. At first, we wanted to go to KFC but suddenly we saw Wendy's nearby. So, we had our late lunch there. The food served here was like McDonald's food which was burger with fries and drink. I tried the grilled chicken burger with Sprite. After that, we went upstairs to pray.

Apal received a call from JPA when we were in the praying room. He got his placement at Indonesia to further his study. We were quite shocked because he will fly on this coming Sunday! What a shocking news! He only got one week to settle down everything: visa, passport and a lot more! Pity him. His mother was also quite shocked hearing the news.

We went bowling after that. 7 persons played bowling (me, Badd, Azery, Apal, Jiji, Wawa and Elia) while others went for shopping. It's mega sale here in Malaysia. So, a lot of shops were having big sales. We played bowling for 1 game until 7.30 pm. Jiji and Wawa were fasting today, so they need to find something to eat during Maghrib time. Later, Kerryn substituted Wawa because she needed to go out to buy something. We had quite a funny time playing bowling. My bowling ball felt from my hand to the back which cause my friends laughed crazily especially Elia. Azery who was very 'terror' at the beginning finally lost to Apal who had few points higher than his. Elia also at first had higher points than me, but than I managed to overcome her points.

Before we headed home, we went to Jco to buy donuts. Wawa and Jiji bought some to fill their empty stomach due to fasting. I bought something for Wawa and Elia for their belated birthdays. We also bought Apal a Good Luck chain. I hope he will remember us even though he will be apart from us for a long time. We said goodbye to each other and had a little hug. Wawa also bought us half dozen of donuts which we greedily ate them on our way back to Shah Alam in Badd.


Anonymous said...

sedeynya dah nk pisah jauh ngn ko,elia,apal n kak..

pape pun,hari nie mmg enjoy!!


Unknown said...

hish ko ni.. ble2 kte kuar bersama sure enjoy.. hehe.. cuma hari ni singkat sgt sbb lepak lame sgt kt intec..

ko ok lg, ade kwn2 yg fly same.. aku ni, xde klik pn kt imu.. nk harap kak, ida ngn bella jela.. huhu..

apa2 pun, aku tetap akan merindui korg sume..

Anonymous said...


ko ckp ko xde klik pon kt IMU..sdey bt0l ak mbacenye..maybe sbb ak ni annoying,s0wi iwa,i realise ma weakness. =(

Unknown said...

bkn xde klik.. klik x ramai cm 7m8 tu.. lg ramai lg bes.. aku kne expand lg la range kwn2 aku.. asek bkepit ngn org same je..

Anonymous said...


but,sumtimes,we dont realise yg klik kte yg sorg dua tu sbnrnye lg meaningful to us..haha,ape yg ak mngarutkan ni.
lg rmi drag mst lg bgus.haha =p
tp,xnk yg hardc0re cam kem ngan ass

Unknown said...

btol2.. xmo yg hardcore cm diorg.. cm aku bleh la.. x g clubbing, xwt sex bebas, x g dating. x ubah suara dpn laki dan mcm2 lg...

Anonymous said...


cam ak bgos gak,malu2 nk make a move,always c0nfuse,cover dgn men bdmntn ngan dak2 ni,maintain suara n many more

Unknown said...

haha.. ko mmg.. x makan saman.. pndai je cover tanpa segan silu...

Anonymous said...


gitu.mak pon nk msok syurge gak,sbg lelaki sejati. =p

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