Monday, August 25, 2008

School Holiday (Even though I'm not a schoolboy anymore...)


Last Thursday, my family and I went to Terengganu which is located in the eastern coast of Malaysia. The journey from Shah Alam took about 6 hours. My dad drove the car all along the way to Terengganu. Pity him because he drove alone. I want to help him but I still haven't learn to drive an automatic car.

We arrive at Kuala Terengganu at late evening. First, we went to Pasar Payang for shopping. I didn't buy anything since nothing here for me to buy. However, for my mom, this is like her paradise. There's a lot of batik were sold here. My mom grabbed some batik cloth and some kaftan. Other than batik, the shops here mainly sell songket, t-shirt and some other souvenir such as key chains. Only my mom did her shopping here while me, my dad and my brother only accompanied her.

After that, we went to Merang to see the beach panorama. We only went through this area by car and didn't have much time to swim at the beach because it's nearly night. So, we went to a stall along the beach and had our dinner. We didn't eat rice like usual, but only seafood. We had fried fish and cuttlefish. The cuttlefish here were quite large. It cost about RM9 for one huge cuttlefish.

After that, we went to Losong to buy some fish crackers to bring home. Terengganu is also famous with fish crackers. At the shop, we bought a lot of fish crackers, some of them were the plain one while some were the spicy one. My mom also bought the unfried crackers.

Then, we went to Homestay Seri Ibai which is located near the Floating Mosque. My friend, Mimi had already booked the room for us because she live nearby. It took less than on minute from her house to the homestay. Mimi and I had a long chat in front of my room because we haven't meet each other for quite a long time, about 2 months I think. We talked about our favourite Korean drama, our future study and gossiping as well. We talked at about 1 hour before she went home because she said that it's already late.

with Mimi


After Terengganu, our next stop is Johor Bahru where my grandmother's house is located. We went to Johor because tomorrow was my cousin's wedding. During our journey to Johor, we stopped at several places such as reataurant, market and clothes shop. We also bought sata, Terengganu's significant food. Sata is made from fish flesh and it tasted good. My mom also bought a kaftan again. The journey was very long. It took the whole day to reach Johor because Johor is located in the southern Malaysia while Terengganu is in the north.

We arrived at granma's place at 6 pm. At night, my parents went to my uncle's house to help the family with the wedding preparation while my brother and I just wasting my time at my granma's house.

My other siblings arrived at midnight. They used one car to save gas. My brother in-law couldn't join them because his mother was sick at home, so only my sister could come. I slept quite early that night and woke up when my mom chatting with my siblings after they arrived.

Kak Liza's Wedding

It's raining today. The weather was cold and wet...

We went to my uncle's house at noon because wedding always started at noon. When we arrived, not much guests had arrived. We went inside to meet my grandparents and relatives from my dad's side. Then, we had our meal outside under the canopy. The groom also had not arrived yet.

with my mom

the beautiful pelamin

with my siblings

with my siblings and Kak Kira

After snapping some photographs, having a little chat and meeting our relatives, we took our leave. But just before we left, the groom already on his way here. So, we waited a little bit while my brothers became the last minute bunga manggar holders.

Finally, we headed home leaving Johor behind. We stopped at Tangkak because my dad felt tired and fatigue a little bit. So, we had mi bandung as our meal. The mi bandung here was very delicious and I also finished my dad's portion. After that, we continued our journey to Shah Alam. Before reaching Shah Alam, we dropped by my aunt's house at Bangi to give her some berkat (the packed food that were given to us at the wedding).


Anonymous said...

sempat gak ko jumpe mimi ek...

jln2 sakan ko~


Unknown said...

harus.. famili aku mmg ske jln2.. hehe..

cahaya wawa said...

amboi.. bes nye jalan22..
hepi sungguh ye kamuh...
da lama x jumpa fara..
kata nk bwk blik masjid kristal utk aku..

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