Sunday, August 3, 2008

MTV Asia Awards 2008 - Live Viewing Party

Yesterday, Helmi and I went to Genting Highlands to watch MTV Asia Awards 2008. This awards was held in Arena of Stars but we didn't watch it in there. We watch the awards through the huge screen in Genting International Showroom.

We arrive at Genting quite late which is at 5.20 pm. The awards will start at 7 pm. We took cable car from Gohtong Jaya up to Genting Highlands. We had our short walk inside the First World Plaza to take some pictures. At nearly 6 pm, we rushed back to Genting International Showroom because the entrance opened at 6.30 pm. A lot of people were already in the queue. The security checked our tickets and ID to make sure were are above 18 years old. We were given a half dozen of MTV button badges as a doorgift.

at the Genting Skyway

outside Genting Hotel

inside First World Plaza

Inside the showroom, it's quite dark just like a club. We found ourselves a table at the second row from the front. We were lucky because we came inside quite early because the later one had to stand. We didn't order anything to eat because we wanted to save our money. We took some pictures with the host of the party which was Jien (host of Malaysian Idol). There were also some foreigners there such as Dreamz team (magician and illusionist who do performance at Genting). Later, Cheryl Samad and Hannah Tan joined Jien to host the party.

the stage inside the showroom

MTV Asia Awards banner

X-pax & Genting banners

with Jien

Hannah Tan and Jien hosting the party

When the awards going to start in a few second, the crowds started to scream. We became very excited because we were the earliest people who watch the awards live beside peoples in Arena of Stars. This awards will be shown on TV at 11 pm later.

at my table

This awards was hosted by Jared Leto and Karen Mok. The introduction video was also very interesting. The first performance was a dance by JabbaWokeeZ. They were very cool. Next, the Pussycat Dolls performed their hit songs, Buttons and When I Grow Up. Super Junior performance were also very cool. I just love them! Their first song was a slow song, Mirror, and their second song was a dance song, A Man In Love. Their dance were so great! I felt like I want to join them up on the stage. Leona Lewis performed Better in Time and Bleeding Love, Pop Shuvit with Freakshow and Marabahaya, and One Republic with Apologize and Stop & Stare. Other performances were performed by the Click Five with Empty and Jenny medley, Electrico and Stephanie Sun, and The Script. Panic at the Disco ended the show with I Write Sins, Not Tragedies and Nine in the Afternoon. In my opinion, all of the performances were superb! Leona Lewis' voice was so great! It's just like in the CD.

Some screen captures:

Jared Leto

Leona Lewis

The Click Five

The Pussycat Dolls

Panic at the Disco

The Click Five - Jenny (chorus)

The winner of Malaysian Favourite Artist was Nicholas Teo. I'm quite sad because Datuk Siti Nurhaliza or Faizal Tahir didn't win. Super Junior won the Korean Favourite Artist just like I expected. Actually I like all the nominees such as Big Bang, Girls' Generation and also Wonder Girls.

Other results:

Favourite Music Artist Awards from Asia:
Favorite Artist of China: Lee Yu Chun
Favorite Artist of Hong Kong: Leo Ku
Favorite Artist of Indonesia: Yovie & Nuno
Favorite Artist of Korea: Super Junior
Favorite Artist of Malaysia: Nicholas Teo
Favorite Artist of Philippines: Chicosci
Favorite Artist of Singapore: Stefanie Sun
Favorite Artist of Taiwan: Show Lo
Favorite Artist of Thailand: TOR+ Saksit

International Music Awards:
Favorite International Artist of Asia: Linkin Park
Best Hook-up: Timbaland feat. OneRepublic - “Apologize”
The Innovation Award: Radio Head
Breakthrough Artist: Leona Lewis
Video Star: 30 Seconds to Mars - “A Beautiful Lie”
Bring Da House Down: Muse – Muse Asia Tour
edc Style Award: Panic at the Disco
Knockout Award: The Click Five
Inspiration Award: Karen Mok

credits to MTV Asia Awards website

During the commercials, we were served by performances by local entertainers. They performed breakdance, hip hop, and also beatbox.

After the awards ended at nearly 10 pm, the party continued. This party was expected to end at 3 am. There were several lucky draws. The winners could win I-Pod Nano, Nintendo Wii and also Xbox 360. The winners were asked to do something before they could take the prize such as singing and dancing. Some of them were shy, while some of them not. Later, we were served with beatboxing performance, Hujan band and Faizal Tahir. Hujan sang their popular song such as Pagi yang Gelap, Empayarku, Aku Skandal and some other songs. Faizal Tahir sang Batu dan Golek, We Will Rock You/I Don't Wanna Be medley, Sedang Ingin Bercinta and some other songs.


Faizal Tahir (we can see Cheryl Samad in the front right)

Faizal Tahir sang We Will Rock You/I Don't Wanna Be medley

After Faizal Tahir performances, we left the showroom to find something to eat outside. The inside food were quite expensive. Therefore, we went outside to find a fast food restaurant. Luckily, all the fast food restaurant opened 24 hours. We had our late dinner at KFC at about 12 am. After that, we decided to go back home even though it's quite late.

outside the showroom

in front of the showroom

the doorgift

Even though we couldn't watch the awards in the Arena of Stars, watching the awards in the showroom is also more than enough. This was the first time we attended a party like this. We just loved it!


Anonymous said...


seronok ko ek g genting..
laha gitu~


Unknown said...

seronok la cik kak oi.. xdenye x seronok.. hehe....

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