Monday, August 11, 2008

My Brother's Wedding

Friday - August 8

Today's event was Nikah Ceremony where my brother (Angah) and his fiancee, Shakira will be officially announced as husband and wife. This ceremony took place at Shakira's house at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. The ceremony started at 3.15 pm and only attended by close family and relatives. My family members (male) wore black baju Melayu while my mother and sister wore black dresses.

Saturday - August 9

Majlis Persandingan was held today at Shakira's house again. Today, we wore peach. This baju Melayu was actually for Hari Raya Aidilfitri later, but it was used today to save cost. We didn't want to waste more money on making new baju Melayu. This event also was attended by our close family and relatives. First, we were escorted by the kompang players on the way to the house. Then, the bride and groom sat on the pelamin with their purple suits and tepung tawar event took place started from my father, my mother, my uncle, my aunt, my grandmother and last but not least my eldest sister. After that, the bride and groom were taken outside to be presented with silat by a couple of boys. After the silat finished, we had our meal under the special canopies beside the house. Later, we had photo session with the bride and groom at the pelamin inside the house, started with my parents, my siblings and later with other relatives. Poor Atih because he wasn't there during the photo session. He was on his way to send our neighbour back to their house.

Sunday - August 10

This was the busiest and the most tiring day of my life. Today's ceremony was held at Dewan Bankuet, Wisma MBSA. Today's event was also Majlis Persandingan for my family's side. Yesterday's event was for Shakira's family and friends. Today's theme was maroon, so we all dressed in maroon baju Melayu. The pelamin was built up on the stage with peach theme. The pelamin was set up there last night by the Mak Andam and her workers.

Early in the morning, after Subuh, my uncle (Pak Su) and I went to hall several times to sent the doorgift (paperbag). There were a lot of them, so we need to send them trip by trip. The other relatives who stayed in my house were also busy with the last minute packing. After the third trip, we prepared ourselves for the wedding.

The ceremony started at 11 am and was expected to end at 4 pm. I had invited several of my close friends to the wedding. I was appointed to distribute the doorgift to the guests. Therefore, I was quite busy during that day because I need to distribute them table by table with the help from my cousins. Actually I was appointed as gift guardian yesterday, but today, all the appointed work changed a lot of time. We rearranged the work to make the ceremony ran smoothly.

The food served today were corn nice, plain rice, ayam percik, daging rendang, pajeri nanas, nangka masak lemak, currypuff, and fruits.

At 1 pm, the bride and groom dressed in brown-gold suit arrived and were escorted to the pelamin along with Shakira's family. During their walk towards the pelamin, the caklempong player played the traditional music. After that, the bride and groom were tepung tawared by Shakira's family members. Then, the feast for the pengantin took place. Later, the pengantin (the bride and groom) cut the weeding cake on the stage.

Amirah, my classmate arrived first at the wedding with her mom. Later, my ex-schoolmate who was currently study in Russia, Jazlan arrived by his own. After that, Senah, Pah and Azery from INTEC arrived and later joined by Wawa. Then, Helmi, Bobby and Azri Marican joined Jazlan at his table. Azri arrived with his family because he had to attend his graduation day at Putrajaya. We had short chat because I'm still busy with my work. Because my friends sat on 2 different tables (one for my MRMS Beseri friends and one for my INTEC friends), I need to change my place alternately to chat with them. Azri gave me a little souvenir from Hungary. I'm glad because some of my friends attended the wedding even though not many came. Thanks to you all.

my INTECmates (me, Azery, Wawa, Pah, Senah)

my ex-schoolmates (Bobby, Jazlan, Azri, me, Helmi)

The ceremony ended at about 4.30 pm. Before that, we had photo session with the pengantin on the pelamin. After that, my younger brother and I brought the presents (which were given by the guests) back to our house. We had several trips to brought all the things back home.

That night, I was attacked by flu and slept quite early than the usual time. I didn't sleep in my room but on the sofa in the living room instead. My brother and his new wife were busy opening their presents. My new sister in-law also not feeling really well that day because she had fever on the day before.

I wish they live happily ever after.

Monday - August 11

Today's event was held at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam. This ceremony start at about 8.30 pm at Grand Ballroom. I wore back my maroon baju Melayu from yesterday's event. We took our seats at the groom's family tables. We were provided with two tables, therefore we can only brought 20 people with us including close family and my brother's friends. My parents sat at the VIP table along with the special guests.

Sufi (my younger brother) and I

the pelamin

the beautiful wedding

my parents after tepung tawar

the band

We were serve with live band who sang several songs, some about mother and some about love. The ceremony started with the entrance of pengantin and later tepung tawar. My parents once again got the chance to tepung tawar the pengantin on the beautiful pelamin. After that, the pengantin were escorted to the VIP table to join the other guests for dinner. We were served with nasi beriani, ayam masak merah, daging rendang tok, udang goreng, sayur cendawan and ikan goreng sweet sour. We had bubur pulut hitam with vanilla ice cream as our desert. The drink served was sirap selasih.

There are some events took place during this ceremony such as video montage, speech and performance by the band. Before the ceremony ended, the pengantin cut the fake wedding cake just for the gimmick. The cake was not real, it's just a polystyrene with ribbons, really. Each of the guests received a couple of Ferrero Roche chocolate as well as 2 heart shaped chocolate sponsored by the hotel.

Before we leaved the hall, we snapped several pictures inside the hall because at that time, a lot of guests were queuing in front of the main door to take their leave.

Atih and I


cahaya wawa said...

congratto to ur big bro..
tym wed kite, tmph hall intec tau.. hak333...
sedap lah muffin.. hee.. thx kepada pembuat muffin...

Unknown said...

hehe.. mmg sedap muffin tersebut.. aku baru mkn dua muffin.. mmg tidak dapat dinafikan kelazatannya.. padan muka sesiapa yang x dtg.. korg siap dpt nasib bungkus lg.. hehe..

ttg intec hall tu, jgn risau.. nnt aku call pn rita suruh die tempahkan.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

cheh,malangnye nasibku x dpt merasa muffin best..

xper2,nt time wed ko kat intec hall sure ak datang..

pape pn,slamat dpt akak ipar baru..

Unknown said...

tula ko mery.. aku da ajak da byk kali.. tp ko masih xmo dtg..

xpe2.. nnt wedding aku ko wajib dtg.. tau2..

cahaya wawa said...

rugi tol x rasa muffin.. hak33..
aku dpt bunga manggar lgi.. hahahaa.. iwa adek aku sonok je men bunge manggar tuh.. siap patah2 kan lg lak tuh..budak kecik mmg nakal

Unknown said...

eh, ko mmg bwk smpai umah ke bnga manggar tu? igtkn bwk sparuh jln jek.. hehe... xpe2, nnt ko bleh mntk dr aku lg..

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