Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wedding Preparation Photos

Here are some pictures of my family members doing preparation for my brother's wedding. A lot of works had been done for this wedding such as paperbag making, crackers packing, sweets & chocolate packing, house painting, room decorating, egg boiling and many more.

paperbag folding

my mom also helped me

painting the house red

my younger brother also helped

paperbags again

eating watermelon while arranging them in the big container

my younger brother with the useless empty boxes

my mom boiling the pindang eggs

my dad cutting something

I'm decorating the doorgifts for the VIPs

Atih with the Mak Andam decorating the pengantin's room

my lonely granma

posing with table cloth

Umi with Angah

Siti, Mak Induk, Pak Su and be busy with cracker packing

Atih with the egg boxes

small birthday party for Siti and Sufi

Bibik, Anisah and Aiman slicing pandan leaves for bunga rampai

filling the paperbags with crackers, sweets and eggs

Mak Induk arranged the fully-filled paperbags


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Unknown said...

mestilah meriah.. mjls kahwin gtu.. kalo stkt bday party, xdenye semeriah gini.. hehe..

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