Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm Going to Genting!

Yesterday, before I went to KLIA to see the arrival of Super Junior members, Wawa called me and said that she won 2 tickets for the MTV Asia Awards 2008 at Genting - City of Entertainment. At first, I told her to keep the tickets first as I need to discuss with my friends. Wawa had no intention to go to Genting. I think she won the tickets by signing up the Genting membership during the MTVAA Roadshow last week. I did sign up also but I was unlucky. I didn't win but she did. However, the tickets were for the show in Genting International Showroom, not Arena of Stars. I think we might watch the event on the big screen there.

During at KLIA, I didn't mention anything to my friends about the tickets. I wanted to keep it secret for a little while. This is because I have 2 friends which are Badd and Azery but I only have 2 tickets. That means I can only ask one of them to join me.

Earlier this morning, I called Wawa and told her that I wanted the tickets. Later, I called Badd to ask him to join me. I don't want to ask Azery because he was slow, lazy, and has no commitment in doing crazy thing like this. However, Badd rejected my offer because he said that he had something to do during this weekend. I didn't called Azery at all. My head was going to blow as I don't know who else to be asked.

The last solution was my friend from my secondary school which is Helmi. He studied in UiTM Shah Alam which is located near my house. In addition, he also has a car which will make our journey easier. So, I send him a message about the tickets and he agreed. I told him not to worry about the expenses because I volunteered myself to share the fuel price with him. At that moment, I was very happy. I quickly told my mom about this and she seemed to give me the permission. I called Wawa again to ask her to accompany me to Kuala Lumpur to picked up our tickets tomorrow. Wawa needs to come with me because her ID is needed to claim those tickets.

At last, my dream had finally come true even though I couldn't watch the prestigous MTV Asia Awards 2008 at Arena of Stars. The awards will starts at 7 pm. The good thing is we has no place to sleep that night because all the hotel room were fully booked. I already checked it in Genting website. Looks like either we are going to sleep in our car or stay up till morning or going down after the awards ended which is quite impossible. It's quite dangerous to drive down the hills during night time.

Ticket Collecting Day:

me with Wawa in the train

the tickets


cahaya wawa said...

heee.. goshh.. die-hard fan tol ko nih.. how's yesterday??

~athirah nadia~ said...

tu r psl..
minat giler si iwa nih ngn super junior die tuh..



Unknown said...

mestilah minat.. haha.. bes tau dpt g genting.. ala2 pegi clubbing gtu perasaannya.. tp aku x minum la.. tgk je sudeh.. haha..

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