Thursday, July 31, 2008

Super Junior Arrival in Malaysia

I was so lucky that I read somebody's blog about Super Junior arrival in Malaysia earlier this morning. As soon as I know that they will arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) today, I quickly called my best friends, Badd and Azery. We decided to go to KLIA this evening to have a closer look of Super Junior members. At first, Wawa wanted to join us but she had to cancel it because she had to accompany her brother to clinic. I'm quite worried because at first, I called Badd a lot of times but he didn't pick up his phone. Later I sent him a message about Super Junior arrival today and he replied my message shortly. We discussed about transport and so on until we reached a solution. Azery didn't want to drive his sister car because he is not confident enough to drive it although he already had a driving licence. Finally, I had to call my mom to borrow her car soon after she come back home from work.

I picked Badd at Shah Alam KTM Station at nearly 5 pm and later we went to fill the fuel first. Then, we went back to the station and waited for Azery there. As usual, Azery will arrive late because he always did that to us before. We were quite angry to him but we kept our anger because we gathered today to see Super Junior.

First flight will be from Korea at 4.30 pm and second will be from Hong Kong at 6.30 pm. The first flight included Heechul, Sungmin, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Yesung. The second flight included Siwon, Kyuhyun, Donghae and Ryeowook. Kangin and Shindong will arrive tomorrow. Hangeng couldn't come because he is a torch bearer for Olympics in Beijing while Kibum had some works to do. Because we were already late because of my mom returned home late and Azery also arrived late, we only had the chance to wait for the second flight. Siwon was in the flight from Hong Kong along with Kyuhyun and other Super Junior M members.

We waited at the arrival hall quite long. A lot of girls were already here with their blue balloons and some with Super Junior banners. It's quite shocking because only us are boys while other are girls. We waited until 7 pm and at that time, the girls started to scream as Super Junior members came out from the glass door. I could only see Siwon and Kyuhyun. Siwon was in green t-shirt with round cap while Kyuhyun wore white snow cap, white t-shirt and also sun shades. Their skin are so fair and white! I'm quite jealous of them. It's hard to recognize him because of his appearance. Badd and I snapped as many picture as we could. The girls were screaming like crazy and chased the SuJu members to their bus. My friends and I decided to leave as it was very impossible to approached the SuJu members with tight security and officers. The fans also weren't allowed to use escalator to go down to the buses and they took elevators instead.

Siwon (green shirt) walking towards the exit. It's very crowded here and difficult to take a good picture.

Kyuhyun (with snow cap) and I couldn't recognize the person beside him. He looks like Ryeowook but I don't know..

Siwon and Kyuhyun leaving the arrival hall. A lot of fans chase after them quickly leaving me and my friends behind. My friends and I were very shy to chase them. It's weird if boys chase after boys. =)

Pictures from Badd's camera:


Siwon and Kyuhyun

Pictures from Azery's camera : (none as he didn't contribute anything because he was buzy talking in phone)

Before the arrival, some girls shouted 'Super Junior hwaiting' to the cameraman as they were told to do so. My friends and I were very nervous and a little bit shaky during our waiting. Eventhough we stood close to the exit, we still couldn't snap good pictures of them. However, we were very satisfied as we saw Siwon with our bare eyes. I still couldn't believe that I saw Siwon myself. Thanks to my crazy idea and determination, we got the chance to see him live. However, we were quite mad again with Azery because during the waiting, he was busy with his phone call. We felt like we want to give him a punch at his face. We came here not to chat with our friends oh phone, but to see Super Junior. He looked like he didn't have any patience in Super Junior even though we know that he is quite a Super Junior die-hard fan. Only Badd and I were very eager and anxious about their arrival.

I'm quite upset on how the securities treated the fans. The fans even get scolded near the elevator. The securities should know that we spent some amount of money to go to KLIA. It's not free. I knew that the securities didn't even know who are Super Junior. Some of them also teasing the Super Junior by saying that it's like a 'baby milk' name. Badd and I were very angry hearing this thing. Some of them also said it's something related to Winter Sonata. It's kinda funny but I also felt like I want to put chillies in their mouth. They should just shut their mouth up.

During our way back to Shah Alam, we talked a lot about Super Junior. We also thought about where we are going to have our dinner later. We had decided to go to SACC Mall and had our dinner at Secret Recipe. We talked a lot about Korean groups like SuJu, SNSD, Wonder Girls and Big Bang. We also planned to go to Badd's place next months to exchange our music video collections because this might be our last day we meet each other. After this, Badd will go to India to further his study.

Badd with 'omona' pose. He looked fatter than before.

Azery and I

We might not be going to KLIA tomorrow to see Kangin and Shindong because we don't really like how we were treated today. It's also quite a waste of money as fuel price is very expensive nowadays. We don't have a lot of money because during our breaks (transition between A-Level and Degree) we didn't get scholarships. It's quite difficult to ask money from my parents as my brother's wedding is approaching and they need a lot of money to be used. So, we will just wait for Super Junior performance in MTV Asia Awards 2008 and watch them on TV this Saturday.


Anonymous said...

hello,, ^^
OMG! ur so lucky!! ^^
ah,,,i'm going to post these on our blog...i'll make sure to credit u ^^..
and i will not going to change a single thing or words that you have...thanks...

Anonymous said...

woooaa~~actually,im quite proud of u guys because u r the only guys who came!!<33333 that's sweet,u know..^^ and i love the way u telling us the story..well,never give up on stalking suju!!>.<

blackdragon said...

bez gle korang dpt tgk suju..
u r malaysian phm bhs melayu it ok if i use bm??
umah ak xde channel mtv..
ak nk tgk diorg kat mtv asia awards pon xbley..
waaa....sedey gle..

Unknown said...

yes, 'im a malaysian.. an of course i understand bm.. i'm a malay what.. hehe..

cahaya wawa said...

heee.. iwa.. blog kau udah diterobos gara2 super junior yg howt tuh.. dushh222.. great duh.. dun stop from being their die-hard fan.. hahahha

~athirah nadia~ said...

femes giler dah blog ko iwa..


~athirah nadia~ said...

femes giler dah blog ko iwa..


Unknown said...

ape ni merym anta skali je sudeh.. hehe.. aku rela je blog aku diterobos org.. sharing is caring gtu~

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! u BOYS are lucky!!! just now i was suppose to see them too at KLIA but man,im too disappointed when they arrived at departure hall while US were waiting at ARRIVAL HALL~dammit

-malaysian fan-

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