Thursday, July 24, 2008

Funny Conference

I just had a very funny and interesting conference between me and my fellow 7M8 friends (plus Elia) on Yahoo Messenger. Even though I'm not from 7M8 class, but I really enjoy with them. Sometimes, I feels like I like them more than my own classmates. No offense, but it's quite true. They are more funny, more havoc and more open minded. I often go out with them, go shopping, loitering under street light in front of Kolej Akasia and sometimes we had our meal together. I'm surely miss them after this. They are all going to Manipal, India to pursue their studies and Elia will go to Ireland. All of them will study medicine and of course I'm not like them. I'm taking pharmacy. Looks like I will have no one to hang out crazily later on.

About our big chatting, we were discussing about our 'Kelab Janda' or Widow & Widower Club created specially for one who was left by his/her couple. This is not an official group but I really like the idea of creating this group. The conversation about this club is extremely funny, weird and not logic. We created this club after something sad and terrible happened to Senah lately. I felt sorry for her. I hope this club will give her hope and she will continue her life happily ever after. The president of this club is of course Mary who clashed with her boyfriend twice (same guy). The vice president would be Senah. Other than that, Wawa as secretary, Apal as garbage disposer, Pah as Head of Activities, and Elia as fashion designer as she is rich and has a lot of money to invest. Not forget, me myself as Dance Tutor. Even though some of the titles are not relevant, we just created it just for fun. To overcome our extreme boringness and prevent stress.

Even though out beloved President did not approve the title that I gave them earlier, I assumed that she will accept it later. I don't why I join this club even though I never had experience with love. I never had a girlfriend and I'm not expecting to get one very soon. For the time being, let me just concentrate on my study. I don't have to worry about my couple and wasting my money by calling or text messaging her. It's good to be single. Nothing to be ashamed of. I like myself. Besides that, Apal who is in relationship right now also join the club for fun and having no exact purpose. We haven't asked Badd to join our club because he seldom online. I really love this club very much.

Everyday I will do the same thing. Downloading videos from Youtube, chatting with friends (especially Wawa, Mary, Mimi and Senah who online almost everyday). However, the most person who I chat a lot is of course Wawa. We are chatting, gossiping, making jokes, photo sharing and not forget talking bad about others. However, something bad had happened to Wawa's brothers. Both of her brothers were warded in hospital recently due to excessive fever, continuous vomiting and other unknown symptoms. I hope her brothers will get well soon. Poor Wawa, she had to sleep in the hospital to accompany them until she had a spine ache. Hwaiting Wawa! You can do it.

Recently, I'm very addicted to Big Bang, a band from Korea. Their songs such as Lies and Last Farewell are very nice to hear and I like them. Thanks to Badd who asked me to like this group. Because of these long holiday, now I have the time to explore more about Korean bands. I really hope to see my friends soon because I'm starting to miss them so badly.

Suddenly I feel like I want to put some pictures in this post to refresh back the memories we used to experienced together,

having fun at Berjaya Times Square

open house during Aidilfitri at Apal's house

resting ourselves outside Sunway Pyramid

enjoying mycoprotein (artificial meat) during ALM BBQ Night

BBQ Night

homestay at Labis

in front of Kolej Akasia (don't try the pose at home, it's not nice for people to see)

having breakfast before we reached Lanchang for our field trip

shopping at One Utama Shopping Complex

Last but not least, me with my 'kekasih gelap' during Minggu Mesra Siswa 2007

Currently addicted to:

Big Bang

You Are My Destiny
Korean Drama - KBS World 7.20 pm


M Iqbal AG said...

apal as garbage disposer- seems fit to him~

~athirah nadia~ said...

mmg club yg best.tgk r saper prsiden
best lak ek chat beramai2..naik pening aku..hhaha..
baru la x bosan sgt kat umah.kalo tak xde ape nk wat..

eh,sian adek wawa..arap cpt sembuh la kn??

Unknown said...

btol2.. sian adek wawa..

mmg bes la conference smlm.. haha..
naseb baek aku x dedahkan name pasangan masing2.. hehe.. biarlah rahsia.. pasni bleh bwat meeting lg..

cahaya wawa said...

yelah klab yg bes..
nama klab pon comey..w&w mcm wawa&wawa.. hahahaha.. adek aku da sehat tp makin nakal lak..
adek aku lelah..kne pakai evohaler. heee.. comey je tmpt sedut2 tuh.. ade gmbr bear22 lg..

Nadiah Azli said...


saya mendapati bahawa...
aduih, berpinar2 mata membaca post anda. dikirinya bckgrnd hitam, mudiannya putih pula.
oh! apakah.. ^-^'

~have fun blogging, dude!

~athirah nadia~ said...

kelab makin meriah..


Unknown said...

haruslah meriah.. hehe.. tgk la sape yg tubuhkn...

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