Sunday, July 20, 2008

MTV Asia Awards 2008 Roadshow @ Cineleisure


Yesterday (July 19th), Wawa, Azery and I went to Cineleisure Damansara to attend a very important event which will give us chances to win MTV Asia Awards 2008 tickets. The MTVAA 2008 Roadshow started at 12 noon.

I had asked Wawa and Azery to be at Section 18 KTM Station at 10 am so that I can picked them before we went to the roadshow. However, Azery who is lack of self-timing arrived at 11.15 am which was 1 hour late. Because Wawa had arrived earlier, I accompanied her to have a quick drink at Restoran Al-Awwal. I agreed to gave her a company because she said that it was her treat. We have a long chat and called the 'slowpoke' Azery several times to asked him when he was going to be here. Badd couldn't join us because he had important thing to do at his kampung. His mother need to manage something about his late grandmother's property and something about collecting durians.

When Azery said that he already passed Subang Jaya station, we quickly went to KTM Station to fetched him and we drove directly to Damansara after that. We arrived there just on time and had a little tour inside the Curve. Cineleisure Damansara is situated beside the Curve, Ikano Power Centre and also Ikea.

Cineleisure Damansara

During our walk, we always blamed Azery for being late and cause us to no get a free MTVAA balloons from the promoter. After that, we watch the roadshow which was hosted by a VJ. I don't really know who the VJ was because I rarely watch MTV channel. A lot of Chinese attended the roadshow. The VJ picked several people and asked some questions to them. The winner won a goodie bag and also a ticket for MTV Asia Awards. Because we were too shy to raise our hands, we just watched the event for several minutes because Azery felt sick due to his 'fever' which he got in the commuter on his way to Shah Alam before.

the VJ

the stage

Wawa and I sign up for Genting membership which will enable us to win MTVAA tickets if we are lucky. We were given a voting paper each to vote for our favourite artist. We also can win tickets by this way. After getting bored with the roadshow because we couldn't hear the VJ clearly, we decided to watch movie. Therefore, we bought tickets for Hellboy 2 The Golden Army. Actually I wanted to watch the Dark Knight, but the tickets were all sold out and Azery didn't really like Batman. We also missed Faizal Tahir performance but it's not a big matter as we are not really his fans. We all voted for Datuk Siti Nuhaliza.

Wawa & Azery

me & Azery

Wawa & me in front of the toilet

Hellboy 2 story is very amazing. The effects are all superb! This story also has a little bit of comedy element. I didn't finished my 7-Up because my bladder couldn't hold more water and I went to toilet after 1 and a half hour the movie started.

After watching the movie, we went to perform our prayer and had our lunch at Secret Recipe. At first, we were looking for a Korean food restaurant but we couldn't find it there. We had a long talk during our late lunch. Wawa and I ordered Tom Yam noodles while Azery wanted to try Japanese Soba. We also tried Garden Salad. Luckily I didn't ordered Japanese Soba because it was not really appetizing and mouth watering. It was just a black noodles with a lot of veggies. Our tom yam were much better than the soba thingy.

my Tom Yam Noodles.. slurrppp!!

Then, we went tho some bookstores such as MPH and the Borders because Azery had something to buy which is a Korean dictionary. He is very interesting in learning Korean language due to his madness to Super Junior. However, he didn't buy anything because he had not enough money. He wanted to borrow from us but what can we do? We don't have extra money to lend him. Money is a very crucial things especially during holiday where we didn't receive our scholarship.

Azery browsing for some Korean dictionary

After that, we went back home. I dropped Wawa and Azery at Shah Alam KTM Station before
I headed home.

Hmm, what a tired day. Even though we didn't walk that much, but I felt very sleepy that day. I didn't regret that I didn't raise my hand during the MTV Roadshow because I am a very shy person. We still can watch MTVAA on TV though..


cahaya wawa said...

ak tetap x puas ati ngan kak azery..
nk bunoh22 je rs..
ak smpi uma agak lambat woo..
jom gonjeng lg, ajk BEDAH...

n d s v n t h said...

kem salam same azery yg suke suju tu ;)
suju jjangida~

cahaya wawa said...

suju suju suju..
azery kempunan x jumpa suju

Unknown said...

btol2.. azery kempunan nk jmpe suju.. brangan suju nk dtg roadshow mtvaa.. haha..
brangan la ko azery.. dala lembab, sure suju x hingin jmpe ko..

Anonymous said...

ahha!!lols~~i enjoyed reading ur's just hilarious.. i'll b staking ur blog from now on..haha XD

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