Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hmm.. why I changed this blog from Bahasa Melayu to English?

I don't know.. I just feel that I need to improve my English skills as I only got 5.5 for my writing in IELTS. Hehe, what a shame.. I'm totally shocked when I received the IELTS slip. I never expect to get that low. Usually I got at least 7 in my class. Therefore, I must do something to improve my English. I'm just worried that International Medical University (IMU) will not accept my application because of my writing is so bad. By the way, thanks to Nabila because she already asked IMU about this situation. IMU said that we just apply first, and then if we need to repeat our IELTS, we can do that during our time in IMU later on.

What a relief...

I don't need to spend my precious RM500 just to repeat this test.

But still, I have something else to be worried..


Arrgghh, the result will be coming out next month which is on August 14. We can check the result online by using PIN number that Pn Rita had given to us earlier during the exam.

Biology = This is a killer subject for me because almost all the questions are fresh and cannot be found in past year papers.

Chemistry = This is also a killer subject as I never got A in this subject along with Biology. I don't know why is it so hard to get A's in these subjects.

Mathematics = I don't really worry about Maths because this subject is quite easy for me. I scored full marks in certain papers before this.

Statistics = Easy but yet tricky. The questions sometimes are not directly asked. We need to read it multiple of times to understand what the question wants.


In this modern world, the ability to use English is very important. It helps us a lot especially when we travel or study abroad. Besides, all the application on the internet are mostly written in English.

Writing my blog in English surely can attract more visitors to read my blog. I really hope that more people will visit my blog and write down their comments on my posts.


I love Transformers =)


cahaya wawa said...

nk rmi yg view..
dasar mncari publisiti..
nway, bgus lorhh... ala2 hijrah gitu..

~athirah nadia~ said...


tp aku still nk bg commnt in malay gak.haaha...


Unknown said...

hehe... aku x kesah komen dalam bm ke, bahasa korea ke, bahasa indon ke, bahasa cina ke, bahasa tamil.. aku x kesah..
jnji korg dpt komen puas2..

cahaya wawa said...

aku nk bg komen lam bhs urdu ok x???
iwa x phm kan..

~athirah nadia~ said...

boleh wawa...
bley sgt...
bia kite due jer yg phm kn??
bley kite ngutuk2 sket kat sini.hahaha..

iwa,jgn mrah..hhhaha.. ,p

Unknown said...

ye je bahasa urdu.. igt aku x paham? hehe..

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