Thursday, July 10, 2008

MTV Asia Awards 2008 and Super Junior

Suddenly Badd and I are very interested in going to MTV Asia Awards but you know, the tickets aren't for sale. People can only go there by invitation which can be obtained in several events. This MTVAA 2008 will take place in Arena of Stars, Genting. The thing that makes us really wanted to go is because Super Junior is going to perform on that night. SNSD aka Girls' Generation also got nomination for Korean Favourite Artist along with SuJu, Big Bang and also Wonder Girls. I'm voting for Siti Nurhaliza...

Super Junior


Siti Nurhaliza

But it's really almost impossible to get the tickets. The tickets can be obtained from Zouk, roadshow and several contest conducted by MTV Asia. The roadshow will be held on 19 & 20 July at Cineleisure Damansara but it's hard to get there because I don't really know the way to reach there. I've enter the quiz and hope I'll be lucky to win the tickets. I've already ask Badd to make video mimicking any artist who get nominated which is SNSD because we both know how to dance to their song such as Girls' Generation and Into the New World. We have been practicing this dance a long time ago when we were at our college, Cemara. At first, Azery also join the dance but he gave up earlier because he said that he is left-handed. This makes his dance moves opposite to mine and Badd's.

I really hope I can attend the awards but it's just impossible. Impossible and impossible.. Maybe I should quit dreaming to go there. I also can't watch it on TV because my dad already remove MTV Channel from our Astro subscription. Looks like I can only watch it on youtube then.. Huhuhu.. So unlucky..

Hmmm... there is other thing that I found very interesting in youtube yesterday. As I was browsing Super Junior video, I found a video which Siwon and Hangeng of Super Junior star in it. The title is Timeless. So, I watch the video and I like it. This is actually a music video.. The storyline is very sad and I almost cry (but didn't cry). The story is about Siwon being a bad guy who recently undergo a heart transplant. He kidnapped a girl who turn out to be Hangeng's girlfriend. Then, Siwon shoot Hangeng with his gun and run away. Later, Hangeng died in hospital. Siwon met the girl (the girl didn't know Siwon because he wore mask during the kidnapping incident) and returns some kind of locket to the girl which has a picture of Hangeng and the girl in it.

Here are the videos which I grabbed from youtube. The video is consisted of two parts. I don't remember who upload the videos but thanks for uploading these nice videos on youtube..
[I don't own the copyright of these videos]

Timeless MV Part 1

Timeless MV Part 2

I don't really know Super Junior at first but because Azery and Badd loves them, I'm also influenced to like them. They are really good in singing, acting and dancing. That's why I like them. Plus, they are all good looking.. hehe..

Then, Badd influenced me with SNSD (Sonyeoshidae) or Girls' Generation.. The first video we watch is SNSD performed Into the New World. Then, we learn to dance to the song. Later, when I'm searching for Into the New World song, the song is different. Totally different. Then, I search for more information and found out that Badd's video is not Into the New World song, but it's Girls' Generation... Then, I search for Into the New World video on youtube and I'm very attracted to the dance. More complex dan faster than Girls' Generation. So, we learn this dance also. We usually dance at night to avoid public attraction.. Haha.. Besides, we also dance to Wonder Girls' Tell Me..

SNSD singing Tell Me by Wonder Girls

SNSD Goodbye Stage

I'm sure miss my days with Badd as my roomate and I really miss the song we used to dance together. Now, it's only me..


cahaya wawa said...

oloh iwa..
dun give.. cntinue ur dreamin.. tp dgn effort lah..
jan msk kan azery.. kang x psl berlanggar2 korg.. formation jd x lawa nnt..
smayang ajat bebanyak...
smuga mmpi jd knyataan..

Unknown said...

yeye.. im trying ok.. hummm...
just hope the tickets will fall from the sky.. haha..

Anonymous said...

wat le mke gaya ct~
mesti dpt g~
xpe,,nt kat crunchyroll ade nya~

M Iqbal AG said...

Hu, menarik2.
moga dapat2 la tiketnye.
haAh, kene balik shah alam kang; isk2.
susah betul.
enjoy cutie!

Kai Isolated said...

alamak... susah ker dapat tiket... serious nak gi tgk suju perform~~ TT.TT *impian termusnah begitu sajer*


cake parfait said...

haha emg susah bgt ya buat masuk ke mtv asia acara itu??
hai,saya dr Indonesia...
lam nal....<.<

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