Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eat Our Local Fruits

Last Sunday, my parents went to Johor Bahru to pick up my granma and brought her to our house at Shah Alam. My brother's wedding is on the next weekend and my granma must be there to attend the ceremony. Besides that, my parents also went to my uncle's fruit orchard at Kota Tinggi. It's fruit season here in Malaysia, therefore a lot of fruits are available during this time. Only in this season, fruits riped in enormous quantity. My uncle didn't sell the fruits, but only distributed them among the family members and relatives. I'm so happy that my favourite fruits which is pulasan also available in a big plastic bag. Pulasan is a type of fruit that has the texture like rambutan, but is has no hair on its skin. The taste also very different compared to rambutan.

Mimi, my friends from Kuala Terengganu always compete with me who has the most fruits in our house. She also loves local fruits very much. She even posted 'eat our local fruits' in her shoutbox in her Friendster page. I know that she was very jealous of me because my house got more fruits than hers. She also been jealous of me because her house didn't has mangosteen but mine has. Other fruits that available during fruit seasons are durian and langsat/duku. Durian, the King of Fruits is not really my favourite but I don't hate it. The taste of the flesh is very creamy and 'duri'licious. I don't eat durian very much because if I ate it a lot, my body will feel warm and hot.

Other fruits are okay with me. They are juicy and tasty. Slurrpp! Yum yum...






Bananas & Pineapples (actually this one aren't from the orchard, but from the market)


M Iqbal AG said...

sedapnye buah2an tu,
nak sikit.
btw, nnti kenduri abg ko 10 hari bulan tu,
aku dijemput tak?
hehehe ak ad prgram kat bangi 8 n 9.

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