Friday, November 16, 2012

Cuti-cuti Cameron Highlands (Post Convo)

Assalamualaikum & have a good day peeps!

Ini entri yang sangat2 tertunggak ye. This trip happened a couple of months ago right after my convocation at IMU Bukit Jalil. After the convocation, we dashed off to Taiping for my brother's engagement ceremony. We stayed at Taiping overnight and continued our journey to Penang. In Penang, we beraya at Wanji's house, Boboi's house and also grabbed the opportunity to shop at Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Hehehe..

After that, we drove on a hilly road up to Cameron Highlands by taking Simpang Pulai route. There are two ways to Cameron Highlands, the other one is from Tapah. However, the Simpang Pulai route is generally safer and less curvy than the other one. We reached Tanah Rata at night around 9 like that. We stayed in this lovely apartment promoted by my brother's friends. The Camerons. It's a very lovely apartment with 3 bedrooms with English-style decoration. Astro is provided as well. :)

Ms. Wanzu @ 0192191182

That night we had a chitchat before dozing off. So, our itinerary started on the next day.

English-styled apartment.. Who wouldn't want it?

KHM Strawberry Farm

This farm is a must for us to visit if we're at Cameron Highlands. It is located in Taman Sedia also in Tanah Rata. Here, they served scones with strawberry jam and cream and also some other strawberry products like homemade ice cream, fresh and dried strawberries and strawberry jams. I love the ice cream although the topping is very sweet. Having the ice cream without the topping is much better I guessed. Then I took a few photos with the strawberry plants.

Homemade strawberry ice cream

Scone + strawberry jam + cream



Kea Farm

My sister didn't plan to buy any vegetables or fruits here but we dropped by here for a couple of minutes to buy strawberry-designed alas kaki for my nieces. It's best to go here in the morning as there will be less crowded and can park your car easily. All of the products are from here so they must be very fresh. They sell corns, sweet potatoes, cabbages, cactus, fresh flowers and many more. Singgah kejap jek.. Hehe..


BOH Tea Plantation

This place is amazing. The scenery was breathtaking. It's all surrounded with green. Inilah keindahan ciptaan Tuhan. Sangat indah, permai dan menenangkan.. Also refreshing! Very beautiful indeed. :)

Actually, we were planning to have tea there but since today's Monday, therefore it was closed. So we diverted our journey up to Gunung Brinchang. We stopped a few times to capture our moments with the teas. Momo must be very happy because I dragged him/her along.

Mossy Forest

We encountered this forest while driving up to the peak of Gunung Brinchang. There's no one here, empty. I think because today was a working day, so people didn't go up here except on weekend. We slowly parked our car because the road is a bit steep. Your bumper might be scratched id you didn't park properly. Then, we climbed the wooden steps into the forest. So, what's so special about this Hutan Lumut? It's simple. There's a lot of mosses here! Especially on the tree barks. If you are lucky enough, you can see pitcher plants (periuk kera) here. Oh ya, I brought along my Momo as well. Hehe.. We didn't walked the trails until the end but turned back at half way. Time was the limiting factor here. We really need to go back to Shah Alam later.

Cameron Valley Bharat Plantations Tea House

Finally we got the chance to have teas in Cameron Highlands. After having a quick tour in the souvenir shop, we sat down to have a hot tea. I chose honey lemon tea since I was still having sore throat at that moment. There's a free wifi here as well. :)

We spent a few minutes here before continuing our journey down the highlands. We took the Simpang Pulai route again because my brother wanted to have cendol somewhere in Batu Gajah. Slurrpppp...

Since I've been to Cameron Highlands for a quite numerous of times, therefore I didn't buy many souvenirs. Only a few magnets for my close friends and for me as well.


Miss said...

comey teddy bear pepel...ngeeeeee~~~~~

Unknown said...

comel kannn... tu teddy bear hadiah convo aritu.. from my two besties :D

Farikica said...

How's cameron nowadays..? I dngr dh x berapa sejuk due to globalization..?

Unknown said...

Pagi n malam je sejuk.. Siang memang dah tak berapa sejuk.. Tghari mmg panas gile..

Miss said...

hahahah comey comey ^^ V

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