Friday, October 26, 2012

Aidilfitri Trip - Singapore (Part 2)

After having lunch and shopped for some souvenirs at Orchard Road, we continued our journey to Marina Bay so the the giant statue of merlion. Merlion is one of the significant landmarks which is a must visit attraction. We took the MRT from Orchard to Raffles Place. The merlion is closer to Raffles Place MRT Station compared to Marina Bay MRT. However is you wish to visit Marina Bay Sands, feels free to stop at Marina Bay.

So, after alighting from the MRT, we headed outside under the hot sun. It was really sunny and hot today. Berpeluh2 ketiak ok! During our walk, we passed by a bridge which was built by Glasgow engineers. Sweet!! Ohhh I miss Glasgow so much! After taking photos with the bridge and also with the statues around it, we continued walking to the merlion. There are a lot of statues which include naked children jumping into the river, mother cat with kittens and a bull with a farmer as well.

There are two merlions here. One large and one small. I took photo of the small merlion first before heading the the large one. We were so unfortunate as the large merlion statue was under some kind of construction. Thus, we couldn't the the water ejecting out from its mouth. However, this feature still could be observed with the small merlion. It's like a small fountain. There were obviously a lot of tourists here. Some travel guides were seen holding a variety colour of flags. This was to avoid their tourists got lost and could find their way home. Lol

We spent about half an hour here taking photos and admiring the beauty of technology. Singapore is really a modern and sophisticated country as their building mostly are very tall and have a modern look. Looks so classy and glassy. From this bay, we could also see the Esplanade theatre and also Singapore Flyer. The Marina Bay Sands looked so enormous, gorgeous and majestic. I really hope someday I will be able to get up there. Perhaps in another trip?


Since the weather was extremely burning, we had to rest under the bridge first to cool ourselves down. Time ni badan dah melekit2 dengan peluh. My brother bought an iced cold coffee. Ahhhh, it was so good having cold drink under this kind of weather.

Next destination?

Bugis Street and Arab Street.


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