Friday, October 5, 2012

Wonderful Swiss Day 4 - Geneva

Finally, we arrived in Geneva which was our last pit stop of our 9-day journey of Italy-Swiss trip. Geneva is a global city where most of diplomacy agenda took place which includes United Nations and Red Cross. Geneva also was ranked as the fourth and the fifth most expensive city in the world. Bling bling! Ka-ching!

As usual, when we arrived at the train station, we will search for luggage locker. Since this time we couldn't find any, we had to ask from the Information Centre. The guy said that the locker is located on the platform. So, we had to go upstairs again to store our luggage. It's quite expensive here, CHF9 for a large locker. Then we headed outside to find one of the largest fountains in the world.

Jet d'Eau
This large fountain is located on Lake Geneva, just about 10 minutes walk from the Geneva train station. Becoming one of the significant landmarks of Geneva, this fountain is also featured in the city's tourism website. The weather was quite warm here, I had to take off my cardigan. Plus, the sky was so blue and beautiful! Love it! :)

L'Horloge Fleurie
This big flower clock is situated at Quai du Général-Guisan (Jardin Anglais). The clock was built as a symbol of the city's clockmaker and also dedication to the nature. The decorations will be change each time the season changes.

Old Town
Just to kill our time before taking the train to Geneva Airport tonight, we had a walked around the Old Town. We dropped by several souvenir shops to find more souvenirs. My mom bought a few bananas to fill our hungry stomach.  We also went to Coop to find more food since we didn't have any proper meal that day. We ended up buying fillet o'fish from McDonald's. Another thing, there are loads of piano placed in several places for people to show their talents. However, they didn't play for free, they will go around asking for money. Hua3..

This giant Toblerone cost around CHF100 (approximately RM330). Matilaaaaaaa.... So no one bought any. Lol

After finishing our tour, we headed back to the railway station, took our bag and waited for our train to Geneva Airport. At the airport, we ate our meal at the dining area. Then we asked from one shop where is the prayer room. The lady was very nice, she told us where it is and showed which way we should go. Alhamdulillah, this eased our journey a little bit.

Night view from the plane

We arrived at Gatwick Airport several hours later and bid goodbye to each other. My parents and I stayed at Travelodge Gatwick for one night before heading to London tomorrow while the girls spent their night at the airport as their flight to Glasgow was early in the morning.

Oh ya, there is no Hard Rock Cafe in Switzerland. So, I saved a bit there.

Alhamdulillah.. I had finally finished writing about this long journey. It took quite a while to finish up everything. Actually this is not everything yet. I still have to write about my trip to Cardiff which is located in Wales and also my four-day trip to Ireland after graduation.


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