Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wonderful Swiss Day 2 - Luzern

Luzern, or Lucerne in the local language became the second city of our Switzerland trip. I heard from my brother and my friends about the beauty of this place, thus I became totally enthusiastic when arrived here. Well, Switzerland is definitely more calming than Italy obviously. The weather was a bit cool, not too hot like in Italy.

We arrived at Luzern at 2.30 pm and walked directly to our hostel which is located around 1 km from the train station. With the help of a map which I took from the information centre, we managed to find our hostel. This time, we chose Lion Lodge Luzern as our accomodation after a recommendation from my brother who had been here few months before. This hostel is nice as they provide kitchen which enable us to cook our food. Since we arrived quite late, we had a quick rest before went out again for sightseeing.

First, we walked around the city centre searching for shops and souvenirs. But too bad, many shops already closed by that time. Almost all shops close at 5 pm except restaurants and cafes. We managed to drop by Bachmann chocolate shop which sells a lot of chocolate products. There's a chocolate model for Chapel Bridge as well. Quite nice. :) I didn't buy any chocolate, but a bottle of drink since I was quite thirsty. My budget was also very limited.


My dysfunctional friends

A random church

Chapel bridge chocolate carving

Mr. piggy

Chapel bridge

We walked further across the bridge to the train station because there are a lot of shops down there as well. We found a few shops selling souvenirs at a reasonable price. Plus, there's a Coop there as well. I bought several fridge magnet at the shop for CHF 3.30 each which was for me quite cheap. At Coop, we bought spaghetti, some sauce, tuna and drinks for our dinner. I'm cooking tonight to save our budget.

Luzern train station

Mr. Moo

See the blue Toblerone? Never got the chance to taste it.. :(

Train station

 When we arrived at the hostel, my parents weren't there. They went out for sightseeing I guessed. Then, I prepared the ingredients for the our tuna pasta. Not many people used the kitchen at that time, so I cooked without any interruption. Then my parents came back. They went out to take a stroll along the lake.

After finished my cooking, we all ate happily while chitchatting about our itinerary for tomorrow.

Tuna penne


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