Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wonderful Swiss Day 2 - Zurich

We had the whole morning 'free and easy' before continuing our journey to the next city, Luzern. Thus, I joined my friends to go to the city centre again hunting for souvenirs. Since there were lots of shops closed yesterday, today we went back to the Old Town because there are some souvenir shops there. Not so surprise, the price was very expensive. I had to close my eyes buying souvenirs and ignored the price tags. It's not everyday we could travel to Switzerland, thus we just bought whatever we wanted reasonably.

There's a park located at a hilly site in the city, Lindenhofplatz. We climbed a few steps there and enjoyed our moment for a while there. The weather was quite warm today with the sun shone brightly on top of our heads. From above, we could see some parts the city and the river as well. Many pigeons could be found around here.

After we got the things that we wanted and satisfied with the tour, we headed back to our hostel to pick up our luggage. Then, we're off to the train station to catch our next train to Luzern.


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