Monday, September 17, 2012

Splash of Summer Day 5 - Venice

Alhamdulillah, finally we arrived at Venice, a romantic city surrounded by waterrrr. We took a morning train from Firenze Santa Maria Novella and arrived at Venezia Santa Lucia station still in the morning. The weather was extremely hot and sticky. Because we were surrounded by sea water, thus our sweat became so sticky like when we lepak at the beach.

We took the water taxi (also known as vaporetto) to our respective hostels (My family and I stopped at Santa Maria del Giglio which is the 13th stop from the train station). This time, we're staying at separate hostels since we couldn't find the availability for 7 person in one hostel. Thus, we booked two different hostels but located very close to one another.

Hotel San Maurizio
Calle Zaguri, San Marco 2624, Venice, 30124, Italy

Friendly Venice
San Marco, 2947-30124, Campo Santo Stefano, Venice, 30135, Italy

We had a quick nap before heading back outside for sightseeing. I walked with my parents while the others walked on their own. Basically, we just toured around the city. The streets are quite narrow and there were loads of tourists during this time. Well, it's summer of course.

Hard Rock Cafe Venice

Hard Rock Cafe Venice
Bacino Orseolo
San Marco, 1192
I-30124, Venezia

We accidentally found this Hard Rock Cafe while waking around the St Mark's Square. So we entered the Rock Shop immediately and bought my usual stuffs like t-shirt and pin badge. There were few gondolas in front of the shop if you are interested in hiring one.

St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco)

This square is quite huge and is surrounded by many Italian restaurants, souvenir shops, money changers and performers. In most of the restaurants, there were bands performing their songs dressed in smart attire. We met some Malaysians whom I know from Glasgow and we had a little chitchat here. They joined Kelana Convoy tour which covered some European countries like France, Holland, Italy and some others.

St. Mark's Square

Torre dell'Orologio
A classic clock building with Roman numbering. We basically just walked through under this clock because there's a short tunnel which give way to the other side.

Rialto Bridge

After that, we walked along the riverside and found a very nice huge bridge. It is one of the famous landmarks in Venice, Rialto Bridge. There are few shops on the bridge. Actually I went to this bridge twice, later I went again with my friends to watch the sunset. We wanted to try the gelato but we weren't sure whether it's halal or not. Some of the gelato sellers didn't understand what we're asking them. Huhu..

We also dropped by some souvenir shops for a last minute shopping. We managed to find cheap fridge magnets and whatnot. I bought some magnets with mask design like a masquerade face. My mom also bought some colourful pasta. Quite unique though. Couldn't find them in Malaysia.

For the food, we found a halal kebab shop so I bought one. The girls in the other hand, tried the seafood pasta from the local restaurant near their accommodation.

Rialto Bridge

Yeayyy, finally I had finished writing about my trip to Italy. Alhamdulillah. It took me longer time to finished writing as I'm very lazy when at home. Generally, Italy has a lot of interesting places to go especially if you want to visit the Ancient Roman historical sites. We only covered Rome, Pisa, Florence and Venice which I think quite sufficient for us. However, if you are interesting in touring the whole Italy, you can visit the island of Capri in Naples or shopping at Milan.
I'm gonna continue blogging about the second part of our trip, which is about the beautiful wonderful magnificent Switzerland!

Till then. Ciao~ :)


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