Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Splash of Summer Day 4 - Florence

After two hours of journey by train, we arrived at Firenze Rifredi Station. Then we wandered around the station looking for a bus. After asking from the shopkeeper at the station, we now knew which bus to take and immediately purchased one-day passes from her. By the way, Firenze is the local name for Florence. We took the bus which stopped nearby our hostel. Our hostel is located a bit further from the city centre, but very close to the train station.

Casa Nuestra
Viale dei Mille 8, Florence, Tuscany, 50131, Italy

 The hostel was kinda unique. It was decorated like kindergarten and the atmosphere was very welcoming. We were given free food and drinks for breakfast.

After checking in, we had a quick rest before heading back outside to the city centre. We came across few places and also had our lunch at one of the Italian restaurant there.

The Duomo, Florence's Cathedral

This is quite a big cathedral made from white terracotta tiles. I mean, real huge! The black and white design made this cathedral looks classic and outstanding. It is surrounded by rows of shops and restaurants. We had our lunch near here and also shop for some souvenirs at few of the shops. We had seafood risotto, bruschetta and beans.



Piazza della Signoria 

A big square where Palazzo Vecchio is situated. There are few shops and restaurants around here. Horse carriage could also be seen here. We had a quick visit into Fossil to survey the price. There's a big fountain located here with a few naked statues. Tak senonoh betul. Lol

Palazzo Vecchio

The building had one big clock on the tower and this place used to serve as government building in the old times. You can enter it with certain amount of entrance fee. I think it's €6 per adult.

Ponte Vecchio

One of the famous attraction in Florence. Ponte Vecchio which literally means Vecchio Bridge became one of a must visit place as it holds many shops and retailers selling souvenirs, jewellery and leathers. Florence itself is already popular with its leather market. I bought some Firenze bookmarks here. We didn't shop for any leather as we were very short of cash. Plus, I wanted to Hard Rock Cafe after this.

Hard Rock Cafe Florence 

As usual, it's a must to visit Hard Rock Cafe anywhere I step my feet into. It is located in a busy, hustle and bustle square, Piazza della Repubblica which could be found in the city centre.

Brunelleschi 1
Piazza della Repubblica
50123 Firenze

After we finished shopping in The Rock Shop, we took a bus back to our hostel.

Tomorrow we'll leave Florence for Venice! One beautiful city surrounded by water canals and gondolas! Yeayyyy!


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