Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Splash of Summer Day 3 - Rome

Hi! In third day, we were still in Rome to continue with our historical tour. We went to quite a few places and the weather was still hot and bright today. Bring a lot of water as you will often get thirsty.

Trevi Fountain

We took the metro to Barberini. Finding Trevi Fountain could be very tricky as it is located in between buildings and narrow streets. We had to asked people on how to get there. Luckily some locals knew how to speak English. There are few signboards which directed us to the Fontana de Trevi after we walked few metres from the metro station. Initially, we thought Fontana de Trevi was the fountain which was featuring in the movie When in Rome. Actually, it wasn't. The fountain was built specially for the movie itself as a set.


With the help of a map, we walked to Pantheon which is situated not so far from the fountain. Pantheon is a temple for all Gods in Roman history, It's a circular shape building with a big dome. It was free to walked into this building.

Piazza Navona

We walked to a big square which has 3 fountains there. This square is surrounded by many blocks of buildings. Many painters sell their arts here. Furthermore, there are lots of Italian restaurant around here. Try them if you wanna taste the Italian food.

Hard Rock Cafe Rome

Hard Rock Cafe is a must for me and my friends if we traveled overseas. Although their merchandises are kinda overpriced but collecting them is such a satisfaction. Although I've been to many Hard Rock Cafe before, but still I haven't visited Hard Rock Cafe in my own country. Asides from Rome, Hard Rock Cafe in Italy could also be found in Florence and Venice. I bought a t-shirt and a pin badge as usual.

Hard Rock Cafe Rome
Via Vittorio Veneto 62 a/b
Rome 00187, Italy

Castel Romano Designer Outlet

Back in Roma Termini, we waited for the bus to Castel Romano. We waited in front of the Pharmacia. The fare is €13 for a return journey. We took the 3 pm bus which was the final bus for today.

This was a shopping heaven if you have a lot of money. Like Livingston in Scotland, Castel Romano also offers a lot of items at a reduced price. My mom bought a couple of bags and then we had a drink here while waiting for the bus which will leave at 8 pm.

Back in the city, we bought our dinner at the halal pizza restaurant. I tried the seafood and the other one was chicken. The price was calculated according to the weight of the pizza. Kinda new to me. Then, we headed straight back to our hostel.

Gonna wake up early tomorrow since we had an early train to catch. We will be going to Florence but before that, we will make a stop at Pisa for a while.


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