Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Life

Alhamdulillah, it has been already four day since I entered my working place which is Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru. Living 4 hours away from my family is not a problem, it just that I need to adapt to this new condition. Right now, I'm staying with my grandma which is quite good since I can teman her since she has been living alone for some time.

Working as a provisionally registered pharmacist (PRP) can be quite tough. Since we are not yet a fully registered pharmacist (FRP), we has one year of training to learn how to work properly especially in clinical area. As an MPharm student, we are lacking of practical aspect. We learned UK system instead of Malaysia. Thus, I need to learn more from my fellow PRPs who learned from local universities. They have a lot of advantages.

We also need to sit for forensic exam which I'm not very familiar with. The local students sat this exam before so I hope they can help me get through this.
There are 3 other PRPs who started working the same day I did. We have Cecilia, Shinee and fellow 'Shah Alam'ian, Vithya. They are very nice! Nice to meet you guys! :)
The first two days in hospital, I was busy settling all the forms and documents. I need to register for KWSP, so one day I went out with Vithya to the city. It was raining heavily that time.

On Thursday, I was busy with indentation. I started my PRP with manufacturing dept, so Encik Wee become my preceptor. He taught me how to handle dangerous drugs like morphine, fentanyl, midazolam etc and also how to document them. I need to be more careful as any mistakes I did might harm the patient.

Yesterday I was quite relax. Firstly, I helped Wee to count the stocks in the DD room. Then I helped Kak Khairul and Kak Yus to pack sodium chloride powder into 1 gram packs. After Friday prayer, we had a talk in the meeting room. Since accredation is coming soon, we need to be prepared for interrogation by the surveyors. Hehehe..

Kira stok


Amek gambar kat toilet pon boleyyyy

Wish me luck guys! I hope I can do well in my field. :)


amirahms said...

the next rahsiafarmasi blog... hehehhe

Unknown said...

rahsiaheli laaaaa... lol

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