Sunday, October 28, 2012

Aidilfitri Trip - Singapore (Part 3)

Okay, this entry is gonna be short.

The next destination was none other than Bugis Street, a shopping heaven for tourists if they were looking for souvenirs and clothes. We boarded MRT from Raffles Place to Bugis Street. Quite a short journey. Oh ya, during this trip, we only used two MRT lines which were the red (North South Line - NS) and the green (East West Line - EW). So basically, it wasn't so complicated to used the MRT. The MRT stopped at Bugis Junction and as soon we arrived, we crossed the street to the market.

There were a lot of people in Bugis Street, it was very crowded. Locals and foreigners likewise. We entered the market but I didn't really have mood to shop since I already bought a lot from my last visit here. So I ended up buying one miniature of merlion and a couple of pin badges. Here, we walked separately, my parents, me and my brothers, my brother's family and Mak Induk's family. This was easier due to the heavy crowds. Bought several fruit drinks here including avocado. It was yummy! =d

Then, we continued our journey Arab Street by walking. It wasn't very far from Bugis Street after asking direction from the locals. We performed our prayer first at Sultan Mosque. This was my first time going to this mosque as during my last visit, we prayed at a mosque which is located at Orchard Road. This mosque looks so beautiful with shiny golden dome. There's a shopping street near the mosque where some restaurants and souvenir shops are located.

Sultan Mosque

Initially, we planned to had dinner at Zam Zam Restaurant but because it was closed due to Aidilfitri, we went to a restaurant beside it. I don't remember the restaurant name. We had lamb briyani and also lamb murtabak. I love lamb! Yippeeeee~

Signboard jela, kedainya tutup.. =.=

Lamb briyani

Lamb murtabak

After satisfying our hunger pangs, we then walked to Queen Street which is located not very far from here. Around 10-15 minutes of walking. Thanks to akak at the restaurant just now for telling us the direction. Our tour gonna ended soon. At Queen Street bus station, we boarded a bus back to Johor Bahru. It only cost $2.50 per adult.

Seriously, it was really tiring travelling under hot burning sun. It made me feel exhausted so quickly and drank a lot of water. But in the end, I feel very satisfied with our short tour because this was my first time visiting Singapore with my family. Alhamdulillah.. :)


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