Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wonderful Swiss Day 3 - Luzern

We had a lot of attractions to visit today. According to our tourist guide, Miss Bee we were gonna visit a few historical towers, lake, bridges and a lion. Since our hostel is located very near to one of the attractions, therefore we started our day there. Before that, we had our breakfast in the common room. We purchased some buns and croissants from Coop yesterday.

Lion Monument
This monument is located just a few minutes walk from our hostel. It was sculptured on a stone and illustrates the mortally-wounded lion. If you look closer, a few sticks of arrows could be seen on the lion's body.

Souvenir Shops
There are a lot of souvenir shops around the city and they offer cheaper price souvenirs compared to Zurich. Since we were here on Sunday, most shops were closed except the shops which owns by Chinese. They open their shops on Sunday which was quite convenient to us. This is because the local shopkeepers went to church to pray but not the Chinese. There's one akak who was very nice to us. We lepak at her shop for a very long time waiting for Bee to grab her Swiss knife at the hostel. She's wanted to engrave her father's name on the knife. It cost about CHF 3.50 if I'm not mistaken. Other than the knife, Swiss is also popular with its watches which can cost thousands of CHF. Juling mata tau... ($.$)

The famous Swiss knife

Museggmauer Und Turme
Also known as Musegg Wall is an old wall and towers constructed hundreds of years ago as the city fortification. It used to have 30 towers but nowadays, there are only nine left. Three towers could be accessed by tourists and this place is open from May to October, free of charge. From top, we could observe the whole city of Luzern as well as the beautiful Luzern Lake. We climbed the steep stairs up to the tower and walked along the wall to the other towers.

Reuss River
This river runs through Luzern Lake and the city of Luzern. There are few bridges which cross this river, the notable one is the Chapel Bridge. The river current is very strong but the water is very clear. Nice and cool view definitely.

Old Town (Altstadt)
This old town area has a lot of shops and stores but since today was Sunday, almost every shops were closed. Even the Coop in this area was closed. =.= However, there are some buildings with old paintings around here which we took photos of.

This significant church is located just besides Luzern Lake. We just wandered around the souvenir shops around this area for a last minute shopping.

Luzern Lake
This lake is quite huge, but I think Loch Ness is bigger than this. The view is very stunning with the mountains set as the background. A lot of swans wandered around the lake, swimming here and there. There were boats, ships and mini cruises as well.

Chapel Bridge
This bridge is one of the most significant landmarks in Luzern. It's a must to visit this bridge. This bridge is topped with roof and both sides of the bridge are decorated with multi-coloured flowers.


There, we basically had visited almost all of the significant landmarks of Luzern. After finishing the tour, we headed back to our hostel as I need to cook dinner again tonight. We had to finished all of our food stocks before heading to Interlaken and Geneva tomorrow.

Tonight was our last night in Switzerland. :(


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