Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Luck of the Irish Day 2 - Dublin

Early in the morning, we walked to the Europa Bus Station Belfast and purchased bus tickets to Dublin. The cost is £13.50 for a single journey per person. The journey took around 2 and a half hour to Dublin city centre (Busaras). Dublin is the capital and the most populous city in Ireland. Some of my friends studied medicine here but unlucky me, they already went back to Malaysia when I visited Dublin. By the way, we're not going to stay in Dublin today, so we stored our bags at the bus station first before went for the city tour. So we had a day tour in Dublin.

Basically, we only walked around the city taking photos of the buildings and also found a place to eat. First, we walked by the Custom House which is located just near the river. Across the the river, there's a unique and modern Ulster Bank building. Most of the buildings here looks very modern and stylish with may glass walls. The weather was kinda unpredictable with occasional rain.

Custom House

Ulster Bank

There are a few bridges which cross River Liffey. Some statues could be found around the river banks. Some statues show a symbol of famine which occured a long time ago.  There is a giant ship at the river as well but I wasn't sure what it really was. It might be a museum, a restaurant or a shop. By the way, Dublin uses Euro as their currency.

As usual, we hit Hard Rock Cafe Dublin to buy some souvenirs. It is located near Temple Bar which is a popular bar in Dublin. I bought a t-shirt from HRC and didn't buy the pin badge as I already owns one. My mom bought two t-shirts for my brothers.

We had our lunch around this area. Since we couldn't spot any halal food restaurant, so we just bought fish & chips from Papa John's. Later when we walked towards Dublin castle, we found many halal restaurants. Cisdale betul! We visited Dublin Castle and also the souvenir shops, but only from the outside. There were loads of rombongan sekolah at that day.

Many souvenirs shops located in the city centre as Dublin is also a famous tourist attractions. Some shops are very big but still filled with crowds. Sesak betul! I shopped for my usual stuffs like fridge magnets, key chains, postcards, and snowglobe.Since Ireland is correlated to leprechauns, greens and shamrocks, most of the shops are decorated in green. Why didn't the leprechauns came to me and gave me gold? I really needed more money. Lol

Pedestrian Entrance

Dublin Castle

During our way back to the bus station, we came across a tall needle-like monument. It was Spire of Dublin. Really looks like a giant needle though. This monument is one of the famous landmarks in Dublin. We dropped by a convenient store to buy drinks and some snacks.

Spire of Dublin

Back in the bus station, we purchased return tickets to Galway. The cost was less than €20 per person. The journey took 3 hours and once we reached Galway, my friend Ida came to welcome us at the Galway bus station. She later brought us back to her house as we're gonna stay there for two nights. Luckily her house was empty because her housemates all went back to Malaysia for summer break.


Ren said...

Uniknya jambatan tu!

Unknown said...

jambatan kt sini mmg unik2.. nampak moden.. :)

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