Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Luck of the Irish Day 3 - Galway

After having a scrumptious breakfast prepared by Ida, which was nasi lemak and ayam goreng berempah, we walked to Galway Coach Station. Today, our agenda was to join a bus tour to Cliffs of Moher. The cliffs are very famous and is a must visit place when you are in Galway. I had pre-purchased the tickets online and only needed to bring the printed receipt before the tour started.

The tour was supposed to start at 10 am but due to Volvo Ocean Race, the traffic was kinda bad and the bus arrived at the station a few minutes late. We only started our journey around 15 minutes later. Click here for Galway Tours website. The ticket only cost € 25 for adult and € 20 for student/senior citizen. The tour highlights were Cliffs of Moher, Dunguaire Castle, and many other nature wonder places.

Dunguaire Castle
This small and beautiful castle became our first stop. It was here that the rain started to fall down, luckily I brought my umbrella with me. My parents also brought their raincoats. We only visited the souvenir shop as the admission into the castle was not free. Plus, we were only given 20 minutes to wander around this area.

Poulnabrone Portal Tomb

We arrived at the stone under the heavy rain. Thanks umbrella for keeping me a bit wet. I should get one big umbrella like the one in kedai makan. Haha.. This site is historical, the stone assembled like a portal or should I say more like a table but in a slanting way. Since it was raining quite bad, I didn't bother to read the information about the tomb. However, I managed to capture some photos of the info.

We stopped here for a while to see the big Celtic Crosses (Irish High Crosses). We had to walk on graveyards to reach into the ancient building. The crosses were preserved in a glass covered cover.

We had our lunch break here. While the other tourists ate at the bar, my parents and I went to a nearby cafe and consumed our packed lunch. Ida had packed some briyani rice for our lunch. So we only ordered drinks from the cafe. We managed to buy some homemade chocolate at a shop near the cafe. The chocolates were definitely very delicious. I tried the white chocolate with cookies. I regretted not buying more because they were worth buying for.

Cliffs of Moher
Tadaaaa, finally we had reached our highlight for today. However, the weather was not very nice to us. It was very foggy and the rain kept on falling down. Cliffs of Moher is very famous and had become one of the filming location in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Other than that, it was also featured in Westlife's music video My Love.

The Burren - Lunar-like landscape
This place has a very magnificent view. The rocky floor and the seaside are definitely not to be missed when you joined this tour. We had a great time here although we were given 15 minutes. The weather was so cold with the strong breeze came from the sea. Very relaxing and enjoyable. Subhanallah!

Galway City
After finishing the whole tour with the bus, we were sent back to the city. Since the traffic was very bad, the bus had to stop somewhere and we walked a few metres to the coach station. Then, we directly went back to Ida's house in Shantalla because we need to catch up with the prayers. Ida just got home from her research when we arrived at the house.

Volvo Ocean Race
After performing the prayer, Ida brought me out again to watch the opening ceremony for Volvo Ocean Race. The city was now packed with crowd and we had to find way to avoid them. First, we went to festival-like place where there were a lot of rides and games to be played. There were some exhibition as well, among them was National University of Ireland, Galway (a place where Ida's studying tight now). The the opening ceremony, a lot of crowd were holding beers on their hand. Memang kitorang jalan laju2 bagi mengelakkan diri terkena simbahan arak berkenaan. Takut sangat kalau ada arak tu tertumpah kat baju. Busuk ok.

Then, Ida brought me to a restaurant to have dinner plus to celebrate our birthdays this year. We had calzone, carbonara and tiramisu. The tiramisu was quite nice, but I think my tiramisu is better. Lol




After having a round of meal, we walked back home since it was starting to dark outside. We didn't want to encounter drunk people in the middle of the night. It would be horror. D:


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