Saturday, December 15, 2012

PRP Week 9 - Inpatient (Satellite-6)

Well, I did my job like usual in Satellite-6. Still doing the same things which includes filling and labelling the trolleys, filling the unit dose, filling the discharge medication and doing some counselling. This week, I got the chance to do the counselling on Novopen (for insulin). The nurse call us at 6pm to the counselling, omo moooo, lain kali call awal sikit ok.. Orang dah nak balik.. The patient was already prepared to go home, while waiting for us.

Oh ya, and I presented another TDM case on Wednesday. This time, it's about digoxin. I will be having another presentation next week because according to the logbook, we must at least present 4 drugs in TDM. Well well... Buat jela kan..

This week also, CY left Satellite-6 and he went to TDM while we got another new PRP here, Say Li. Last week she was placed in Manufac. So in total, we had two PRPs, one FRP and one PPF. Quite few in number of staffs compared to Satellite-4 though. Satellite-4 is less busy and they have like 6-7 staffs at the same time.. =.=

I also went back late a few days this week to accompany Lee doing anjal. Anjal working hour is from 9 am -to6 pm instead of 8am to 5pm. Sometimes, between 5 to 6 pm, a lot of discharge and inpatient medication need to be prepared. Thus, an extra hand would be very helpful. Next week, it's my turn to do anjal.. 

That's all for the quick update. 



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