Wednesday, December 26, 2012

PRP Week 10 - Inpatient (Satellite-4)


This week I moved from Satellite 6 to Satellite 4 due to the shortness of PRP here. Well, it was basically the same job except Satellite 4 is less busy than Satellite 6.. Hehehe.. Satellite 4 handles post-natal ward where we prepare discharge medication for the mothers. For Ward 4B and 4C, the patients are usually discharged with 7-items which includes alcohol solution, acriflavine, paracetamol, ascorbic acid, folic acid, vit B complex and ferrous fumarate. So everytime we see paracetamol in the prescription, we only make label for paracetamol and supply the 7 items.

Usually after lunch, we are kinda free and got less thing to do. So we either chit chat around, do the verification, or rearrange back the return medications. Some wards love to indent drugs so much and then they return them a lot too. Returning medications to the bin is a time-consuming job and I don't really like doing it.

Another PRP They also was placed here, she was previously in OPD. Sometimes I did the lunch call alternately with Kak Ellina. So I got to rest one hour late than usual, around 2-3pm. Lunch call in satellite is much more relaxing compared to doing lunch call in OPD. Didn't even got the chance to sit down.

This week also I presented another TDM case. This time it's about aminophylline. However, due to incomplete information, I had to represent the case next week. Hmmmmm.. I didn't have enough time to clerk the case completely because I only know about the presentation date a day before. It's kinda rushing for me.. =.=

Our hospital also organised a carnival called Karnival HSI. We were forced to buy RM30 coupons for this event. I spent my coupons mostly on food and a couple of Systema toothbrushes. I tried the grilled burger, apam balik, and a few kuih-muih. It's not so meriah actually.. Bosan..

Ok laaaa, itu sahaja for my week 10.. Can't wait to finish another 42 weeks as PRP! Hehehe.. Still a longgggg way to go..


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