Sunday, December 2, 2012

PRP Week 7 - Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

Hi yaaa~

This week was my final week in TDM. Time flew so fast, not realising that it was already my fourth week in TDM Dept. However, although I finished my fourth week, I still haven't completed my assignment and assessment yet. I just did one presentation, meaning that I have another one case to be presented. For my first presentation, my case was about Amikacin and Vancomycin. The presentation was okay, but the Q&As was tough. I couldn't answer a few questions but I think that's kinda normal. So my homework is to find those answers and present it before I starts with my second case presentation.

Plus, I got a new friend from new PRP batch thus I need to guide and teach her a bit before I move on to Inpatient Department next week. Next week she's gonna be alone doing TDM. I'm lucky because I got Steven when I first stepped my feet in TDM Dept. But it's so weird, this week got a very little TDM case only, so I couldn't teach her much. Less than 10 cases per day. Usually I could get like 14-15 cases and I commonly got back home after 5.30pm or later.

I haven't finished clerking TDM cases too. I need at least 40 cases but only managed to clerk 23 cases only. What to do, a lot of TDM cases were repetitive of the same patient so it's kinda difficult to find unique cases. Moreover, baby cases were overflowing as well. Baby had little lab results, so it wasn't good to be clerked. =.=

As a new staff in HSI (new ke?? dah nak masuk dua bulan dah...), we need to do ujian saringan. I went with Zue on Thursday and got our blood sucked by the nurse. She's gonna test for Hep B antibody, if it wasn't active yet, we need to get the vaccination. But I already did that, so I hope my Hep B antibody level is high. Tak best la kena cucuk selalu, sakit wooooo...

On Friday, there's a Deepavali celebration in our hospital. We got to eat freeee... Hihihi.. There's a lot of Indian food was served like curries, maruku, capati and tosei. Sedappppp~

Ok, that's all for the update.. :)


Cornettoluvperhaps said...

sounds penat..>.<..susah tak once dah kee kat hospital?..

Unknown said...

emmmm ikut dept la.. kalau yg senang tu senang la... yang susah kalau masuk ward rasenye..

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