Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kelantan - Rantau Panjang

One of the reason that we visited Kelantan. Shopping in Rantau Panjang!

Rantau Panjang is a duty free area where we can shop till we drop. But not for me. Might be apply to all makcik2 out there. Hahaha.. This is because, this place sell a lot of households such as periuk belanga (pots and pans) in a variety of sizes; from giant to small ones. Periuk kawah gitu. Senang nak buat kenduri nanti. To football lovers as well, this place also sell a wide range of jerseys (yang imitate ye, kalau nak yang ori pergi Al-Ikhsan) at a cheap price. My brother bought a couple of them.. Hehehe.. =p

I bought nothing here, there's nothing that catch my eyes. Wanna by t-shirts but my wardrobe is already overloading with them. There's no more place for new clothes. Sedih tau. Nanti kalau dah ada rumah sendiri harus buat satu bilik untuk pakaian and another one for toys museum. =)

Other than periuk2 and jerseys, you can shop for wedding dowry such as bunga telur, decorations and many more. According to my local friend, Emie there are a few souvenir shops that sell souvenirs at a cheaper price but I didn't know where they are. So didn't buy any souvenirs. Sebab Emie dah belikan fridge magnet Kelantan hari tu. Hua3..

Then, we had our lunch at Kafe & Restoran Kampung Grill. It is located in between Rantau Panjang and Kota Bharu. This restaurant serves Malay dishes as well as Western food. My parents had nasi campur while my brother and I had chicken chop. We ordered cendol too. Slurrrpppp~ Very resfreshing especially under this hot weather.

We continued our journey to Kuala Terengganu by taking the beach road. We had a stop at goreng2 stall  near the beach which sells flour-battered seafood like fish, shrimps and giant cuttlefish. We had been eating here for three times I guessed. My favourite is the cuttlefish because it's big! The food was served with chilli sauce. Yummy~

Alright, the next post is gonna be about Terengganu.. :)


~Beb~ said...

Hiba plak tgk gmbr2 rantau pjg ni. Lame sungguh tak sampai kesana. Dlu mse kecik2 ini je tmpt pelancongannye kat Msia nih selain Langkawi. Ulang2 sini je. Now parents dah tak boleh dibawak bejalan, tu yg sedih. Xdpt balas jasa depa. Huhuhuhu. Sobss..

Unknown said...

takpe, jalan2 sndiri la.. blikan periuk belanga utk parents.. hehe..

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