Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PRP Week 8 - Inpatient (Satellite-6)

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So, this week was my first week in Inpatient Department. There's are two inpatient pharmacy in HSI; one in Level 4 which is called Satellite-4 and another on in Level 6 (Satellite-6) where I work for 5 weeks starting from this week. Satellite-6 is generally busier than Satellite-4 due to different drugs each department handles. We handle more drugs than Satellite-4, plus DD as well.

So what do we do in Satellite-6? We supply drugs to certain wards by filling the wards' trolleys. Firstly, we print out the label for each person's prescription from the respective ward. Then, we do the filling according to the drug's name. The drugs are usually arranged according to alphabetical order so that it will be easier and quicker to do the filling. For IV antibiotics, we need to record them in a register. Usually, one person will do the IV, and others will do the tablets. Tablets took more time to fill since we need to count them. Then, we need to fill the floor stock as well. Floor stock indent day is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.

Some ward requested for syrup form of certain drugs. If not available in ready-made form, we need to extemporaneously prepare it. It's quite simple, just crushed the tablets and then make out the volume with syrup simplex, pH buffer or distilled water. The solution is chosen based on the drug stability (need to refer with the book, or if me, i just browse through the past preparation made by others in the form).


Filling & labelling

CY & Kak Ziela

View from level 6

Discharge medication

Arranging medication based on bed number

this is rifampicin

extemporaneous preparation - syrup ribavirin

For some wards, we supply them in Unit Dose (UD), which means in each patient's compartment, the dose will be arranged in timely-mannered for example we will divide the compartment 8.00am, 4.00/6.00am, 8.00pm, 10.00pm or 12.00am.

OD - 8.00am
BD - 8.00am & 8.00pm
TDS - 8.00am, 4.00pm & 10.00pm
OM - 8.00am
ON - 10.00pm

Therefore, we will sort the drugs in each time compartment according to the prescription.

Besides that, our department also prepares the discharge medication. Everyday, nurse will call and inform which patient will be discharged from the ward on that day. So, we need to jot down the patient's RN and then print out the label for the discharge medication.

Some patients need to be counselled about some devices such as insulin pen (Novopen or Humapen), MDI, aerochamber and warfarin. Usually PRP will do the counselling as we need to fill our logbook.


Unknown said...

hey Hazwan, so nice of you to blog about your working experience. Next time got any question I'll ask you lah! :D

Unknown said...

heyy Ren Yi, u can ask me even if i din blog about it... hehehe..

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