Friday, March 30, 2012

Strathclyde's Got Talent 2012

I managed to steal some time watching Strathclyde's Got Talent 2012 after finishing my dissertation today. The event was held at Lord Todd's Diner which is located just a few steps from my living halls. As usual, I went there with my joyah buddy. We didn't really know who entered the competition, but basically we watched it just to have some fun.

The MC

The Judges

There were 12 contestants took part in this talent show. Here are some photos of the contestants which I didn't really get their names.

#1 Singing

2# Dancing (sorry, no photos.. =/)

3# Diabolo player

 #4 Singing with guitar

#5 Magician

#6 Singing with keyboard

#7 Singing with guitar

#8 Dancing

#9 Singing Adele's song

#10 Dancing with ball

#11 Singing

#12 Singing (band)

I did enjoy watching this show, some of the performances were very fantastic and well done. I love the Adele's song cover, the uniqueness of diabolo, superb ball dancing trick and stunning Chinese song. You guys just made my day. XD

Congrats to all the winners~



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