Friday, March 9, 2012

Brotherly Trip - Manchester

As my brother is a loyal fan of Manchester United, therefore I brought him to Manchester to visit Old Trafford stadium. We took the 4 am Megabus from Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station and reached Manchester Shudehill Interchange at around 9.30 am. Our first destination for today was none other than the stadium itself. We boarded the tram at Piccadilly Gardens to Old Trafford. The ticket cost £2.80 for a return journey. It only took 10-15 min to reach there. Again, I did not enter the stadium tour. I asked my brother whether he want to go in or not, but he said he don't know. So we ended up no tour. We bought some stuffs from the shop before we headed back to the city centre.

Back in the city, we had lunch at Manchester Arndale which is the main shopping complex here. We ate at Southern Eleven located at the food court. For £2.99, we got a chicken burger, fries and a drink. It tasted good and nice. The chicken fillet was very tender. I want to try the BBQ ribs actually, but it had no halal logo, I think only the chicken here is halal. No worries, we still got to eat other stuffs. Finding halal food here is not a problem. Even the KFC in the food court is halal.

Next we walked to the Hard Rock Cafe nearby. This was our main agenda as well. My mom had asked me to buy several t-shirts for my brothers and uncle. Ka-ching! Luckily my membership card still got a few balance so we got £16 discount. I rewarded myself with a HRC Manchester pin badge.. =)

We also went to a souvenir shop which is located inside the post office. Here, we bought t-shirt for £15 for two. We bought a few with some keyrings and pin badges.

Then, we walked again to Great Ancoats Street to check-in Travelodge Ancoats. We had pre-booked the hotel for £19 per night. That was very cheap! Travelodge always had their promotion most of the time. This was my second time staying here and it was very worthy. The room was spacious and clean and located in the city itself.

After performing our prayer, we went out again to take photos around the city. It started to rain lightly but we just redah je. We stopped at Manchester Art Gallery and bought several postcards. It is a nice place but some of the paintings are so dot dot dot... So we made an exit from the place instantly.

Town Hall is one of the famous landmark in Manchester. It's a good place to take photos especially when you have a wide angle lens as this building is quite long. My camera couldn't capture the full building in the frame. The weather was so unpredictable. It could be rain, sunny and hail within 10 minutes.

After we finished with the tour, we headed back to the hotel. On the way back, we dropped by Forbidden Planet, my favourite toy shop in UK. However, I bought nothing because I did not know what to buy. We had dinner at a nearby kebab shop.

We went back to Glasgow on the next morning because we had to go to Edinburgh that day to bring my grandmother and my parents jalan2.

I love to travel.. Like I always had..

*best pulak curik tagline si Piah ni.. hihihi.. =p*


Papa-NtiQ said...

brings back memories...I was there in the 80's doing my B.Sc at Manchester Univ...lepas tu early 90's kat London doing Masters. Tapi rugi tak sempat nak jalan2 Glasgow hehe. Please drop by at my blog topik pasal makannnn je hehe dan kalu bolih register as my follower TQ TQ TQ

Unknown said...

Glasgow memang best! banyak jugak tmpt utk dilawati.. :)

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