Sunday, March 21, 2010

Super Show 2 Malaysia


Yesterday was one of the most important and memorial day of my life.

I went to watch SUPER JUNIOR for SUPER SHOW 2, live in MALAYSIA!

I went with my besties, Badd and Azery.

The Greats

They sang a lot of songs that I know, plus some songs which I haven't heard before, because we are not really a DIE-HARD-FAN of Super Junior, we are just fans! We didn't love Super Junior alone, but other K-Pop artists as well.

Super Junior really put 100% effort during the show. Even though they started 1 hour late (which is very common when attending a concert), we were really satisfied with their performances.

They sang Knock Out, U, It's You, Don't Don, Dancing Out, Shining Star, Sorry Sorry Answer and many other songs including the solos by Ryeowook, Sungmin, Yesung, Eeteuk, Heechul, Siwon, Kyuhyun and others as well.

The subgroups also performed like Super Girl (Super Junior M), Rokkugoh (Super Junior T), Pajama Party (Super Junior H) while Super Junior KRY performed ..... <-- don't know the title.

The Unsatisfied

However, I am still feel a bit unsatisfied because of the absence of Kangin, Hangeng and Kibum. It's like not worthy watching Super Junior as an incomplete group. It would be better if all of them came to performed. Secondly, I think the show was quite short. It only lasted for about 2 and 1 half hour (8.00 - 10.30 pm). Thirdly,


We were required to leave our camera's battery at the Lost & Found counter. But I was so lucky that I got some extra batteries in the camera's pouch. So I still can use my camera. YEAY!


Here are some photos during the Super Show 2.. The photos aren't so nice because my camera is just a normal digital camera. So some of the photos are quite blurred.

It feels so good watching the boys performed. I hope they will come again next year with ALL 13 MEMBERS! + Henry + Zhoumi as well!


cahaya wawa said...

hensem2 orang korea nih.. weewwoott

Unknown said...

weewooootttt juge.. hehe..

anisz said...

heh bayar memahal, yang ni je pics dia.. korea mmg ensem+tinggi including hr..

NikTim said...

yup2..sedih gler xde 3 org tu terutama kangin..woot woot T_T
malaysian fans sporting gler..
xde only13 chanting..smua jerit hbis mse henry dgn zhoumi kuar..
senyum2 smpai ketelinga dua org tu XD

JohanPrinze said...

bestnya dpt pergi concert ni!
rasa rasanya SNSD akan dtg msia x? hehehe

LoLLy~ said...

hahaha, coincidently jmpe ko time Q tu kan?

Unknown said...

@anisz : bayar memahal.. yg penting kepuasan!

@niktim : mmg agak sedey 3 org xde.. huhu.. T-T

@johan : aku NAK SGT snsd dtg msia nih..

@lolly : ape kejadahnye coincidence ek, padahal ko da msg aku awal2..

LoLLy~ said...

haha, time aku mesej ko tuh aku da smpai kot....aku x bace g mesej tuh, aku nmpk ko dlu r

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