Thursday, March 4, 2010

Study LEAVE!

Owh study, please leave me alone.. I just wanna enjoy my time!

Iit's so stressing me out!

This is my so-called schedule during my 2-week study leave:

Week 1

Sunday - balik kampung
Monday - Pharmacology
Tuesday - Pharmacology
Wednesday - Pharmacology
Thursday - Pharmacology
Friday - Microbiology
Saturday - Microbiology + Hi-Tea with family.. :D

Week 2

Sunday - Microbiology
Monday - Physical Pharmacy + Redbox Pavilion + Times Square
Tuesday - Physical Pharmacy
Wednesday - Physical Pharmacy
Thursday - Biopharmacy 2
Friday - Biopharmacy 2
Saturday - Biopharmacy 2 + Badd's sister's wedding @Serdang

Exam Week

Sunday - last minute revision for Physical Pharmacy / Pharmacology

Monday till Thursday - EXAMS!!!


Friday - No plan

Saturday - Class Reunion MRSM Beseri + Super Junior Super Show 2 @Stadium Putra

I hope I can follow this timetable because if not, I'm totally doomed!


nak study apa dulu eh?? hmm...

study group? nahh, got not enough time!


Anonymous said...

pegi SS2 x??first time jmpe laki yg diehard fan suju!!!wahhhhhh!!bangga2x..klo g,jmpe kat sne tau??

Unknown said...

eh, of course la pegi.. kan da tulis kt atas tu..

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