Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello Redbox!

Yesterday, I went out with my besties. Badd, Azery, Ida, Bella & Wawa. The last time I met Badd and Wawa was about 6 months ago because they just came back from India for semester break.

Lunch at Kenny Roger's, Berjaya Times Square. A Quarter Meal as usual.

Then, did a make over for Azery's hair at a salon there.

Went to Pavilion, to Redbox particularly for karaoke. 3 hours in there, with 2 drinks. The Flamingo was okay but the Cranberry Cooler was good!

Planning to watch Alice in Wonderland 3D but no more tix left.

Head back to Times Square.

Dinner at Little Penang Village. Tried the Tom Yam Fried Rice. It was spicy. I like the kerabu mangga.

Well, I know I have exams coming up. Not just exams, but end of semester exams. I need a break to release some loads of stress inside my brain and hanging out with my besties really makes me forget about the exams for a while. One day without books. GREAT!!

This was my first time to Redbox actually, kinda jakun in there. Badd conquered the remote most of the times.


Karaoke Highlights:

Ida was having fun singing Saloma's Perwira and Tiru Macam Saya.. Pandanglah.. Lihatlah~ Ending our karaoke session at 6 pm.

Badd and Bella were singing Shima's song together. We were so surprised that Bella could sing it well.

Azery enjoyed singing Jesse McCartney's. He sang solo because the others didn't know the song well.

Wawa and Azery duet for Russion Roulette by Rihanna.

Badd and I sang It's You and Sorry Sorry by Super Junior and also Bad Girl by BEAST.

Badd sang Ila Sabri's, 30 Second to Mars's The Kill.

I sang most of Siti Nurhaliza's song, but of course we all sang together because the songs are quite popular.

We sang quite a lot of songs to fill the our 3 hours period. Other song includes Isabella, Fantasia Bulan Madu, Teman Tapi Mesra, M2M, Spice Girls, and so so so a lot more.


Wawa passed Jah's kain cotton and she buy me a Starbuck's Frapuccino Chocolate Cream Chips. Thanks babe!

Thanks Ida for the DSLR! Great photos! Learn more so u can capture more great photos of me! lol..

Thanks Badd, Azery and Bella for a wonderful day!

It was such a GREAT day yesterday.. :D

We are going to meet again on Saturday for Badd's sister's wedding at Serdang.

So, see u all soon!


Unknown said...

Amboi... kengkawan sume dah balik Mesia sume pakat berkaraoke... best nyer!!! Kem salam kat sume ye Hazwan... Miss all of u guys so much!!

cahaya wawa said...

i'd so much fun with u babe.. **kish kish**

izt said...

hey, i got to your blog while googling about suju supershow 2 and then i found out u used to study in Perlis and then i found out you sang Suju songs in Redbox.
Mind me, i've never been to the Redbox (planning to go there nxt week) so can i ask you something?

were the korean songs subbed? if it's subbed; then is it in full hangeul or romanized hangeul?

(since i was quite dissapointed when i went karaoke-ing with my friends and i couldn't sing the whole song -the lyrics were rubbish; i can't follow any of them T.T-)

Thanks a lot and sorry for the long msg.I naturally speaks a lot.

Talk to you soon,

Unknown said...

@izu ting ting

at redbox, only certain songs got romanized lyrics like It's You.. Sorry sorry only got hangul lyrics.. gee also... T-T

not so many choices, but we just sang it! haha..

izt said...


nvr mind, we'll just sing it anyway.ahahaha.thx, iwa. ;)

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