Sunday, March 21, 2010

Class Reunion

Yesterday, I went to KLCC to attend my class reunion [4/5 Efficient MRSM Beseri].

Not so many could join since not all of them are available yesterday. Fazd was busy with her final exam, Bobby has no valide reason, Azreen got other appointment, Diyana was sick and some of my ex-classmates are still at overseas like Wazir, Erni, Seetal and Shanta. Kuma, Nadiah, Hajar and Ranjay also couldn't join us, I didn't know for what reason. We also had lost contact with Wafi. Rehan was busy with her practical next week.

So who's left?


Only 8 people for a supposed-to-be-23-people class reunion, it quite sad though. 5 boys and 3 girls, this time boys win! hahaha.. lol..

However, event though we haven't met each other after SPM (some only especially the girls) which about 4 years ago, we didn't show any awkwardness when we were together. It was just like the old times. Really missed school years..

Our first activity was having lunch at the food court since there's a lot of food varieties there. I tried Subway for the FIRST time okay! It was yummy! Hilmi and Nash also bought Subway sandwiches. Aiman and Akram with sizzling meals while Ieda and Mira had Big Macs.

After Zohor Prayer, Izzah came. Then we teman her to lunch. She bought food from Burger King and we dragged her to the big pond outside to take photos.

Cinta lama bertaut kembali.. ecece..

At first, they were planning to go to Petrosains because Hilmi haven't been inside yet.

At about 4 pm, I had to leave already for my next GREAT activity of the year. So I bid them goodbye and went back alone.

I texted Izzah to asked what will they do next and she said that the Petrosains tickets were SOLD OUT and they will go to I-City, Shah Alam at night to see the beautiful marvelous tree lamps.

One hour later, I arrived at Vista..

[to be continued]


NikTim said...

bestnye wat reunion..

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