Friday, March 19, 2010

Bad Bad Day

Today is kinda a bad day, even though not yet a full day.

At about 10 am, AAD called me saying that my Foundation Pharmacy Final Draft was nowhere to be found so they cannot key in my mark. So, I terpaksa print again my work, bind it and submit it to ADD. Luckily I'm still at Vista, so I can do the job easily.

Then, when I got back home..

The ceiling fan IS NOT WORKING! What the hell, tiba2 rosak, dah la cuaca skang ni panas kan..

Then, TERPAKSA pasang aircond ye.. Xtau la pasni bill letrik berapa kan.. Dala Jeff pun pakai aircond.. huhu.. mesti melambung tinggi..



cahaya wawa said...


Anonymous said...

pasni ley share bil aircond ngn jeff. lol ~ wanG

LoLLy~ said...

agak tepat disituh wanji,hahahha

Unknown said...

haha.. agak tepat ye.. nway, sgt ajaib, kipas aku dah elok b4 aku balek umah aritu.. hak3..

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