Sunday, March 28, 2010

Digimon Battle

I just started playing this game. Badri suggested me to play this game since we are both Digimon fans since secondary school. Hehe.. It's kinda true that I missed Digimon a lot!


It's an online game. Can be downloaded from Digimon Battle site.

So at least I got something to play during this one-month holiday (3 weeks left!)

This is me as a Tamer

These are my Digimons

Jalan2 cari Digimon

Screen capture from battle scene

I hope I can enjoy playing this game and didn't feel boring easily.. I want to have Mega levels Digimons but I need to train harder..

At least now I have 3 Champion Digimons.. ^^

Gargomon (digivolved from Terriermon)

Gatomon (digivolved from Salamon)

Togemon (digivolved from Palmon)


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