Thursday, March 8, 2012

Family Visit

I'm so happy that my family is with me right now in Glasgow. But sadly, they will go back to Malaysia tomorrow.. cuk cuk cuk.. ='(

We had a few tour around Glasgow city centre and also I brought my younger brother to the two famous football stadiums in Glasgow which are Celtic Park and Ibrox. We visited University of Glasgow for its splendid architecture, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum plus Scotland Street School Museum which are all reachable by subway train. It's quite worthy since one-day subway pass (Discovery Ticket) only cost us £3.50.

I brought my parents to city centre to shop for some souvenirs. We bought a lot of Twinings Tea at Sainsbury because I heard it is quite famous in UK. So we chose Earl Grey, Peppermint, Raspberry and English Breakfast flavours.

With my brother, I brought him up until River Clyde where we could see Glasgow Science Centre, SECC, and a few bridges along the River Clyde. There are 17 bridges all together crossing the river.

Glasgow city centre

At the stadiums, we just went there to take photos and visit the shop. We didn't enter the stadium tour though. I bought a few pin badges as usual plus postcards and keyrings. Celtic Park is reachable by bus while Ibrox by subway.

Celtic and Rangers stadiums

University of Glasgow is popular as one of Glasgow landmarks. It has a unique 'Hogwarts'y design similar to Harry Potter. Well, JK Rowling is from Scotland, maybe this building inspired her a lot. This was my second time visiting Kelvingrove museum. It's still look the same. It was raining heavily that day. We had to spent our time longer waiting outside the museum until the rain stopped.

University of Glasgow & Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

University of Glasgow & Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Street School Museum was quite creepy especially with the statues of school boys & girls located along the corridors. But it's still interesting to visit as we could experience sitting in old classroom and kitchen. We wanted to try the costumes but they were too small.. >.<

Scotland Street School Museum

I'll write about Manchester and Edinburgh in another post.

I love my family so much like I always had.. =p



just.HY said...

trench coat yang suffee pakai tu mcm penah ku tengok. beli kat beijing kan? hehehe

Unknown said...

haah.. pndai ko teka.. tu trench coat yg aku bli kt beijing.. adek aku pakai kejap sbb die xde baju tebal.. hehe..

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