Friday, February 24, 2012

UK Stamps Collection

I bought these stamps from Royalmail website recently. Just for fun, I'm not a real stamp collector by the way. I have no plan on using them. So precious. Will be keeping them as UK souvenir..


Roald Dahl's The BFG

Thomas & Friends

Olympic & Paralympic London 2012

UK Attractions

The Royal Wedding - Prince William & Kate

Magical Realms - Harry Potter and The Chronicle of Narnia
I bought a lot of these just to use them for postcards. 

Niceeeeeee.... XD


anisz said...

bleh buka museum dah lepas neh..
eh asal kite x de stamp mcm william n kate? O.O

Unknown said...

mau ke? bleh order.. tp mahal sket la sbb customised..

anisz said...

x pe lah..nanti u dh kawen, bini u jeles plak nampak stamp kte..keh3

Unknown said...

x jeles punye.. sbb die pon buat gitu dgn bff die.. haha..

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