Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hansel & Gretel Opera

Last night was our first time experiencing Scottish Opera. It was awesome!

The title was Hansel & Gretel and I'm pretty sure most people knew this fairy tale from their childhood. The thing that I remembered most about this story is the delicate house made from cookies, sweets and pastries.

So after class yesterday, we headed to Theatre Royal Glasgow which is located at Hope Street not so far from Cineworld. The weather was a bit chilly as usual. The show started at 7.15 pm but we reached there early to collect our tickets. The ticket costs £10 per person (for group + student). So it's like we got double discount.Our seats were at the top balcony and the view was quite good actually. We could see the whole sets and the theatre itself is not very big. Most of the viewers were the elders. You we were like kanak2 sekolah here. Lol

Theatre Royal - Balcony View


Anis met her Scottish Edward

Plot summary:

Hansel and Gretel are getting under their mother's feet and, at the end of her tether, she sends them into the woods to collect strawberries. As darkness falls, they realise they are lost. Terrified, they spend the night on the forest floor. Next morning, to their amazement, they discover a house made of sweets and are soon helping themselves, unaware that are falling straight into a trap set by the fabled Wicked Witch..
- from the leaflet

We were mistaken this show as a theatre performance but instead it was actually an opera. So the scripts were all fully sung by the casts. The sets were simply gorgeous. From the house, to the wood and finally to the candy house. The vocals were terrific as well. But because they sang it in a soprano manner, sometimes we accidentally laughed.. XD

The show finished at 9.20 pm and we had our dinner at Chilli Grill right after that. This restaurant is located at the end of Sauchiehall Street. The food was awesome! I love the buffalo sauce so much! The chicken was good too! But the coleslaw was quite hard. Me no likey~

Half chicken with fries and coleslaw.

What a night. We surely enjoyed it to the max! =)

Alhamdulillah.. Lepas ni boleh fokus siapkan assignment pulak.. XD


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