Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ada Apa Dengan Penny?

Finally, I feel so lucky that I managed to complete my collection for this UK Royal Shields coins. 
They have designs that connected the coins together forming a royal shield.



Alhamdulillah, penantian dah berakhir. It's take quite a time to complete all of these coins. I think the rarest is the 50p coin. So hard to get!



amirahms said...

wah menariknye...aku x pernah kesah pun heheh :p sebab x suke pegang duit syiling apetah lagi nak belek2 tgk satu2...busuk :P LOL

Unknown said...

bese la.. aku ni mende ape je x collect.. hua3..

tp coins mmg busuk pon.. >.<

Unknown said...

La..memang creative la camni..kalau duit baru kita macamana la..

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