Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday @ Flaming Steamboat

Special thanks to Ida for arranging my birthday party at Flaming Steamboat, Sunway.

This small birthday-without-cake celebration was joined by Lukman, Anis, Cipak, Ida and Bella. Thanks guys! You're the BEST among my BEST friends!

I'm 21 now, but I feel no change in myself. Just the usual me. How wonderful! Hahaha..

We started our journey today at 5.30 pm by taking an executive taxi, called by Cipak. Thanks Cipak. We arrived at the restaurant at 6.15 pm and start digging for seafood and balls to cook.

There's a variety of food here (I mean for steamboat and also non-steamboat food). They got loads of seafood like fish fillets, clams, crabs, prawns, lipan laut, seaweed, mussels, squids, bamboo lala and so much more. The balls also got a lot of choice. Got noodles as well. For non-steamboat food, they got fried rice, fried bihoon, fried chicken, ayam masak merah, nuggets and spring rolls. The desserts are also overflowing such as chocolate dipped marshmallows and cookies, ABC, 12 flavours of ice creams and 4 types of fruit juices.

Bella suap Iwa marshmallow

Cipak, Bella and me
Lukman, Ida and Anis

We finished eating 2 hours later.

And had a quick tour inside Sunway Pyramid, shopping for nothing. But we did play the dance revolution arcade at the Asian Avenue. Anis vs Bella and Lukman vs me.

Thanks again guys! Next birthday: Ida (July). It a must to celebrate at FULLHOUSE ok!


anakmu said...

bapak..happy bday
dah 21
dh bley dpt key to freedom
dh bley kawin dgn anis dh ni
sori for the late wish.
wishing u all the best in future undertaking

cahaya wawa said...

bb, i just found out sumthing.. muk ida n lukman agak sama. are they sis n bro??=)

Unknown said...

to anakku:
thanks anakku.. jaga diri bebaek ye..

to wawa:
mane de same.. 100% berbeda ye.. rabun ke bb ni? hehe..

anisz said...

pas wawa ckp camtu..aku pun rasa ade sket resemblance btwn ida n lokman..haha

tingin full house nampak..tula ritu i ajak dah..

NikTim said...

owh ! dh lps la birthday dia..
haha..menunjukkan lame xmenerjah blog en.hazwan .. pape pun happy birthday ! :)

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