Thursday, April 8, 2010

Arissa Today

Arissa is getting better. She still taking her medicine even though she struggled every time we wanna feed her the medicine. She's taking 5 types of medicines (antibiotic, cough syrup,etc) and nebulizer as well.

She has start talking in her own language, usually "tatatatatata", know how to clap her hand, waves her hand for goodbye, tepuk tampar orang and kiss people..

She is so cute and adorable with her big round eyes.


LoLLy~ said...

nak jumpe arissa!!!

violet VC said...

arissa ikot muke sape ek?

comey sangat la..

bawakla die dtg umh =p

kyra said...

oh my comelnye anak saya ni!!!!!!!!!!!!:x

cahaya wawa said...

she's adorable.. alahaiii.. cute sangat.. uncle2 sile jaga arissa baek2 taw.. =)

Iwa said...

@lolly : meh la dtg cni tgk.. sementara cuti masih ade.. hak3..

@vc : arissa ikot muke bapak die.. mmg sgt comel..

@kyra : anakmu mmg comel.. tgk la sape yg babysit die.. hak3..

@wawa : uncle tgh berusaha keras menjaga arissa nih.. menghabiskan bibit2 cuti yg tggl bersama arissa.. x ke baek aku ni? :p

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