Monday, April 19, 2010

Langkawi Truly Lawi.. Oops!

*WARNING - This post will be extremely long because I want to tell people EVERYTHING that we did in Langkawi. If you are lazy, don't bother to the words and sentences. Enjoy the pictures will be much easier.

As some of u know, I went to Langkawi with two of my besties (Azery and Lukman) last several days ago, just before I started my new semester. We have planned this trip a few months ago to get the cheapest flight tickets we could.

Flight : RM 212 (Airasia)
Accomodation + Car + Island Hopping + Passport Jewel of Kedah + fuel = RM 247
*Passport Jewel of Kedah is a passport-like pass where we can enter Underwater World, Mahsuri Mausoleum, Bird Paradise, Galeria Perdana for FREE plus getting DISCOUNTS for Cable Car ride dan buying things from Kompleks Kraf Langkawi. It costs RM40 per passport and available from Matta Fair. Thanks to Lukman who buy us this passport. Really worthy!


Departed to Langkawi from LCCT. Before reaching LCCT, we boarded a few types of public transport including Star LRT, ERL and Cityliner Shuttle bus. Then, we checked in our flight quite late until the akak there had to call out our names aloud! Pity Azery, this is his first time travelling by flight and his name was called out. It's actually quite embarassing being a latecomer. Luckily, the flight wasn't full.

Arrived at Langkawi at about 8 pm. After picking our rental car Nissan Sentra from Kak Mari-Maria yang makan gaji Auntie Dee, we straightly headed to Tanjung Malie Beach Motel which is situated just besides Underwater World alongside Pantai Cenang.

After for a while, we had a night stroll along the beach to survey some shops and to find a place for dinner. Our original plan was to eat ikan bakar but ended up eating ikan tiga rasa. I think the recipe was very simple, fried siakap + sos keropok lekor + pineapple + daun salad. Simple but yet, yummy.

We walked about 1 to 1.5 km along the Pantai Cenang and I can tell you that it was very tiring. There are a lot of souvenirs shops, restaurants, chalets, motels, and bars along the way. Before going back, we buy some biscuits, cereals and buns for our breakfast tomorrow.


Our morning activity was island hopping, which is basically we were hopping to 3 islands by boat. We went out at 9 am and the van driver also pick-up a couple of yenna-yenni at Holiday Villa before we headed to the island hopping jetty. We arrived quite early, so we had to wait until many tourists joined us. We shared boat with other 7 Chinese which we suspects 3 of them were not from Malaysia (maybe from China), 1 of them seems to be their tourist quide.

1. Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Island)

In this our first destination, we were given 1 hour to play around the island. There is a lake at the middle of the island. We can either swim at the lake, rent a paddle boat, catfish foot massage, kayaking or just sit around observing what people do. We were all so lazy to swim there so we tried the catfish massage. It was VERY TICKLISH! I laughed several times. There were a lot of kera-beruk-monyet here. If you bring food, please be careful. They love to snatch food from homo sapiens.

2. Pulau kedua (I didn't know the names)

We didn't stop at this island, instead, the abang driver stop the boat near the island for us to see eagles. There were a puluh-puluh of eagles there, flying and grabbing food which were thrown onto the sea.

3. Pulau Beras Basah (bukan mimpi basah ye)

Our last stop for today's island hopping. It's a beautiful which which has no public toilet. There was a shop selling snacks. The sand was very soft and nice while the water is crystal bowesrsox. Eh, crystal clear la.. We planned to swim here but due to the hotness of the weather (it's 12 pm ok!), we cancelled our plan and just walk around the beach taking photos. We arrived late because the 3 people from our boat returned 20 minutes late to the boat. Merasa kena tunggu lama2 membazir masa..

Then, island hopping ended. We purchased our piring gambar at the jetty before going back to the motel for a quck rest, lunch and shopped for our friendship t-shirts. Friendship t-shirts?? We actually wanna buy Elmo & other Sesame Streets characters t-shirts together but since Azery and Lukman were obese, so it couldn't fit them. We ended up buying t-shirts with the same design but different colour.

Lunch at a restaurant near the motel.

Refill gas at Buraq Oil. This was my first time hearing this petrol station name.

4. Temurun Waterfall
We droved to Temurun Waterfall which was quite far from our motel. We we quite disappointed, sad and felt full of misery because the waterfall was quite dry and there was no waterfall at all. I think tap water move faster than this waterfall. I think maybe this was caused by the burning weather so all the water was sucked up to the sky.

Seven Well Waterfall
Cancelled due to not wanting chance to see dry waterfall again. It's very tiring to panjat the stairs to the waterfall.

5. Cable Car
This cable car station was located on Gunung Matcincang. We shared the car with a couple of Arabs with their kid. The wife's English was superb bak kata Lukman. Once we reached the thick fog, it was quite scary. Oh, by the way, Seven Dwarf Well Waterfall was really dried! We couldn't see it from the cable car. Alhamdulillah we didn't waste our time going there. We jalan2 at the toppest station. It was cloudy and foggy and cold. We walked through the jambatan gantung and then had a quick drinks at the shop at the station.

After turun from the mountain, we went to the rabbit park which was located nearby. There were a lot of dirty and hungry rabbits. Very poor rabbits. But still very cute like Cipak.

6. Wan Thai Restaurant
We had our dinner here. At first, it was full dan most of table were reserved by the latecomer people. Dah tau lambat, tak payah la booking kan, menyusahkan kitorang je kena tunggu. But the beautiful Siamese akak there said that we can order first and come back again half an hour later. After tawafing around the nearby shops, the akak called me saying that our table was ready. We dropped by a bakery to grab some buns and pastries for our breakfast tomorrow. The food here were very Thai. They were scrumptiously delicious-yummy-sedap-tasty-menjilat2 jari. We had tom yam, ikan siakap kerabu mangga, tofu oyster sauce, and ayam chillies. Sedap sangat! Lukman memuji2 bak halilintar akan kesedapannya. FYI, Lukman sangat tidak memilih makanan ye.

Back to Pantai Cenang, we had our night stroll again.

Supper at Artisans Pizza. 8 inch-pizza, mashed potato, turkey & cheese sandwiches and mixed fruit pancakes.

Sunday Morning Rain Is Coming

Bukan saje2 nak letak nama hari camtu, tapi sebab memang hujan pon hari Ahad tu. Bukan sebab Rain (Bi) datang ke Malaysia ye. We cancelled our plan to mandi laut in the morning because we all couldn't resist the bed yang memanggil2 kitorang untuk tidur lagi dan jangan mandi laut. When all were awake.. late.. baru terhegeh2 nak mandi kat toilet.

1. Underwater World
We came here to see the fishes and penguins. There were animals other than fish also like otter, python, birds and ikan kekek mak iloi2.. We watched all the feeding shows. The first one was the seals, the the African penguin and lastly the rockhopper penguins. The seals' names were Karen and Paul and they are very cute like the tamer. They are very clever and showed us some of their unique talent like Susan Boyle and BM. Hihihihi~

2. Kedai Gamat
The pakcik there is so semangat to tell us about the gamat. Only Azery wanted to buy the minyak gamat but Lukman and I also ended up buying some for our kepentingan sendiri. There is a wok filled with minyak gamat and it was still hot. We tasted the gamat jelly which taste like tuttttt...

3. Makam Mahsuri (Mahsuri Mausoleum)
Bak kata aku, Mazury gitu, baru moden namanya. This place was highly renovated a few years back and it's very different compared to the last time I visited this place. We visited the museum, telaga Mazury and also rumah kelahiran Mazury. Tetiba sangat kat sini ada taman haiwan jugak.

4. Bird Paradise
This is were I suddenly getting sick. Maybe the bulu2 from the birds made me sneeze like hell. I felt very uncomfy that day. Kept on achooing in the car. As the name suggest, this is a place where they keep mutiracial kind of birds. From quail to eagle, all can be seen here. There's monyet as well as buaya, arnab and donkey.

After birding with the birds, we headed to Kuah town to shop some chocolates (some ke? banyak je kitorang beli sampai berat beg). We surveyed some shops including Haji Ismail, kedai sebelah Haji Ismail, kedai seberang Haji Ismail and one more shops.

5. Dataran Lang
Our very last destination before we pulang to tanah air. We were here for photos only.

After having dinner at Kenny Roger's Roasters (takde tax ye), we went to the airport because IMU dah mula memanggil2 kitorang untuk sambung belajar. We lepaking at the Starbucks and our flight was delayed for 30 minutes. From LCCT, we took bus to KL Sentral, then lepak at McD teman Lukman makan fries before Azery's daddy dearest fetch us there and here I am, back in Vista, having backpain due to carrying heavy bag full with chocolates.


Sangat best berjalan2 dengan kawan especially dengan kawan rapat. Memang penuh bicara serta selitan gosip2 riang. Ketawa tak henti2 sampai menangis2. Juga berkesempatan menghanjeng sesama sendiri dengan Azery dihanjeng paling banyak diikuti dengan Lukman dan aku paling tidak dihanjeng. Hehe.. Percutian penuh dengan aktiviti dan tidak banyak membuang masa. Just nice! Duit juga banyak dihabiskan dengan makan serta coklat2 terkenal dengan harga murah. Berbaloi2~


PahPihPuh said...

menarek post ini..
yenna-yenni tue ape?
aku nk claim r kat azery minyak gamat..wahahah..
ade eyh ikan keli urut2..x kena sengat ke dik..

Unknown said...

kak pahpihpuh..

yenna-yenni tu refer kpd india.. hehe.. aku terbace kt blog sape tah pasal term tu..

claim la minyak gamat kt azery tu.. byk die bli.. 2 paket besar = 24 botol kecik..

geli geleman u ble ikan geli menari2 di bawah kaki.. x kne sengat pon.. i yg sengat die.. ;p

Anonymous said...

untuk maklumat lanjut pasal stesen buraqoil tu boleh bukak web dia

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