Friday, April 23, 2010


Out of sudden, I wanna blog about souvenir because as some of you know, I traveled a lot either in-the-sea or overseas.

Every time I traveled, I RARELY failed to give my friends some souvenirs. From food, key chains and also bookmarks.

Wikipedia defined souvenir as:

A souvenir, memento or keepsake is an object a traveler brings home for the memories associated with it. Souvenirs include clothing such as T-shirts or hats, postcards, refrigerator magnets , miniature figures, household items such as mugs and bowls, plates , ashtrays, egg timers, spoons , notepads , and paintings plus many others.

Whenever I went travelling, I will make a budget for souvenirs. The easiest souvenirs which can be found in most places are keychains. They are cheap, easy to bring home and can be usually bought in bulk. If I buy mugs, bowls or plates, I'm sure it will make my luggage overweight. Try buying souvenirs from markets because it's cheaper compared to shops in the shopping mall.

Usually, the souvenirs I bought must have the name of the place or a significant landmark of the place.

Examples of souvenirs that I bought:

- key chains from Indonesia and Thailand
- ink-less bamboo pen from Indonesia
- koala bear, tie pin and t-shirts from Australia
- key chains, nail clippers, postcards, phone straps from South Korea
- mini carpet from Iran
- chocolates and key chains from Langkawi
- strawberry key chains from Cameron Highlands
- wood key chains from Terengganu
- kerepek buah from Indonesia
- postcards from Bali

*eh, nampak nor aku slalu g Indonesia.. haha..

Likewise, my friends who go on travel also sometimes bought me something like (cannot put all names since some of them love to keep it secret) :

- sushi key chain from Mirah & mini furniture from Cipak (Japan),
- kiwi bird key chain from Tikah (New Zealand) and a kangaroo key chain (Australia),
- refrigerator magnet from Azri Marican (Hungary when he went for Olympiad Quiz actually and also from Russia) <-- bestnye jadi budak pandai.. huhu..
- key chain from Jazlan (Russia)
- papyrus leaf key chain from Aniq (Egypt)
- strawberry key chain from Kak Long (Cameron Highlands)
- live rose from Bella (Cameron Highlands)
- permainan pusing2 & kain gantung from Wawa (India)
- stationery holder from Uya and Pah (India)
- Taj Mahal T-shirt from Mimi (India)
- refrigerator magnet from Uya (India)
- kopiah and green tasbih from Wawa (Mekah)
- leather bracelet from Bella (Sarawak)
- a pack of kurma from Aleen (ko pegi umrah ke Aleen?)

If I got souvenirs from my family members and relatives, it is always t-shirt (given by Along from Indonesia, Angah from Singapore and Mak Induk from Langkawi). It's superb since I can wear them anywhere I want. =)

I surely appreciate what u all gave to me.

I even have my own souvenir box to keep them save.


Love yeah!


LoLLy~ said...

ouh trime kaseh hazwan
very thoughtful!
ko mmg bes,ngeee~~
(bodek dan bodek lagi!)

PahPihPuh said...

memang best r ko..
gi mane2 je ade jek kitorg merase ye..
i like!!
lainkali beli lagi ye dik..

Unknown said...

bodek lg.. nnt dpt lg.. haha..

cahaya wawa said...

i love the bookmark from korea.. jadi penanda alquran tawu.. hehehhe.. ^^

aikasayang said...

bapak..burung kiwi tu dari yg bagi dr oz..complicated kan?hehe

Unknown said...

ok.. bapak da btolkan.. siap bubuh dua2 lg.. hehe.. thanks ye.. nnt kasi la lg.. =p

anisz said...

thanxxx hzwn sbb slalo kasi ktorg mcm2 mende..besh r dpt kwn cm ko..x sia2 r jadi besfren ko <- bak kate pariz mari bodek hzwn =P

nail clippers tu aku x gune pon..syg..

amirahms said...

bile hazwan gi melancong sana sini..kawan2 lain pun turut merasa excited sebab tau akn dpt something..hehe thanks byk2 hazwan...u r a thoughtful friend..very!

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