Saturday, April 24, 2010

Periuk Lebur

Periuk Lebur?


Adekah aku masak smpai lebur periuk?

Oh tidak sama skali..

I just had a luncheon with my family at Melting Pot, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. It's a pre-celebration for my and my brother's birthday. My brother's birthday is tomorrow while mine is next week.

There's a lot variety of food and cuisine here, from local to western to oriental, all can be eaten under one roof. I tried most of the food, starting with Malay cuisine, then Italian and the Chinese food. There's a lot range of desserts as well including chocolate fountain, fruits, cakes and tarts.

Unexpectedly, I met Miss (now Mrs) Noli there. She was my English lecturer at INTEC but now she teach at UMP, Kuantan. She's having a group discussion with her colleagues here. However, she didn't bring her arjuna though.. Anyway, she's not wearing glasses now.. Btw, I forgot to take photo with her.. Huhu..

Ayah & Umi

Brothers & Sisters (plus one little niece)

Arissa yang makin comel
Eh, melalak pulak.. hehe..

Bawak Arissa keluar bersiar2 sebab kebosanan


I'm turning 21 next week, but I'm still the youngest within my gang.



LoLLy~ said...

kawaiiii~~ ^_^
cm penyanyi rap plak aku tgk,ekekeke
nak mkn jugak! :(

Unknown said...

rap x rap, janji cute.. haha.. wassup ya?!!

anisz said...

arisa nie kalo bleh cubit2 mesti besh..hesh

aikasayang said...

bapak..apsl gmbr last tu nmpk bapak chubby?

Unknown said...

sbb bapak mmg da chubby.. haha..

PahPihPuh said...

"the youngest within my gang"
klass u olls..x menahan..
r u the youngest within p109?? :P
eh2 arissa boley gang ngan anis la..whatever gituw..

Unknown said...

amboi cipak.. jeles nmpk.. tp cipak still the youngest among the 88.. hehe..

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