Monday, April 26, 2010

Semester 4

My semester 4 in IMU just started for about a week. This is my 2nd week in IMU and practicals also started this week.

In this semester, we will be taking 4 subjects which are Pharmacy Practice 1, Biopharmacy 3, Health Promotion and Drugs & Disease 1.

Pharmacy Practice is kinda tough I guess, we'll be learning how to dispensed medicines and so on.. It will be the toughest subject for this semester. One 3000-word essay as our assignment.

photos from our PP lab practicals today

Biopharmacy 3 will be like a revision from Biopharmacy 1, and I guess that we will learn more about how drugs act towards the body.

Health Promotion is kinda boring for me, mostly stressed on health issues. One 3000-word essay as our assignment as well.

We haven't learn Drugs & Disease yet but from the title itself, I think it will be tough as well.

To sum it up,
-I need to work harder this semester
-reduce my outing time (quite impossible)
-revise more every week
-less shopping
-play more with Arissa (ada kaitan ke?)


JohanPrinze said...

aku dh biasa sangat dgn essay beribu-ribu words tu! hahaha..

good luck for this new semester!

Unknown said...

hehe.. aku last sem pon ade gak kne buat esei pjg2 cmtu..

thanks.. =)

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