Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh! My Lady.

I've been watching this new k-drama, Oh! My Lady.

So far, only 3 English soft subtitles have been released by WithS2.

The drama has aired for 6 episodes to date, so I can manage to follow it without rushing. I can be downloaded from D-Addicts.

I'm not the type who watch all K-drama. I'll watch only if the cast(s) is/are my favourite ones. For instant, in this drama, I like Siwon from Super Junior. The previous dramas that I watched, Cinderella Man and You Are My Destiny got Yoona from Girls' Generation as the main actress. See, I didn't bother watching the drama because of its plot, but because of the casts!

Here are some photos of the casts:

Choi Siwon as Sung Min Woo
An actor who is arrogant and depends mostly on his manager. He is quite inhumane and doesn't know how to appreciate other people's feeling.

Chae Rim as Yoon Gae Hwa
An ahjumma who works hard to support his daughter, Min Ji. She works in various place before ending up getting a job at The Show Company.

Lee Hyun Woo as Yoo Shi Joon
Gae Hwa's boss at The Show Company. He used to be Min Woo's lecturer.

*can't wait for the Episode 4 subtitle..


fazd! said...

oh! best x? nak tgk... :(

Unknown said...

best syg.. sila tgk ok! ade siwon tu yg lg bestnye!

fazd! said...

oh yeah? tgk/download mana? bagitau2.mau lijat siwon yg superb!!

fazd! said...


Unknown said...

haha.. igtkn lijat tu jilat.. mane tau ko nk jilat siwon ke.. hak3..

dolod kt:!+My+Lady

dolod yg ade tulis HAN and 700 mb je tau.. jgn dolod yg 1 gb pny..

subtitle dolod kat:

fazd! said...

chet! sudah ku agak! kau nak cakap cmtu!
oh..cmtu..berokband tak leh download torrent.. ;(

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