Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pharmacy Practice

I think, the purpose of studying pharmacy is coming to make sense now.

Because for the first time, we learned how to make medicines in lab.

In yesterday's Pharmacy Practice practical, we were taught to make Codeine Phosphate 12 mg used to relieve mild to moderate pain and also a Ferrous Sulphate Oral Solution which can be used tp treat iron deficiency anaemia. The lecturers taught use to make dose checks and also some calculations. This lab is about making powder and solution form of drugs. Next week we gonna make cream and ointment. For this semester, my benchmates are Wanji, Amirah and Cipak.

codeine phosphate powder and ferrous sulphate solution

A photo which was stolen from Gaik Cheng's fb.. waiting for Batch Photo to be taken..


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